30 April 2013

Fantastic Restaurant - Vietnamese/Chinese - Flemington/Homebush West

How could we not visit a joint called 'Fantastic Restaurant'.

One look at the signage and we just had to eat here. How fantastic is Fantastic? Kiddies trip the light fantastic outside, and an old man can suddenly walk again after his $7 beef noodle soup. It's not just fantastic, it's terrific.

Fantastic is fairly new and fairly fancy for Flemington, it even has table cloths. We are lucky to get here early just before it packed out with the Sunday lunch crowd. The owner comes over to chat. We tell him his restaurant is fantastic. He agrees. We thought at first he was chatting us up just because we had a camera, but he happily chatted up the whole restaurant, did a great job of it too. It's funny that in over three years of writing this blog nobody has ever given special attention to us because we were taking pictures. Nobody. Not a sausage. We do get laughed at though, folks just think we're a stubby short of a sixpack. And that's perfectly fine with us.

Sitting at an outside table on a sunny autumn day is just wonderful. There's a constant stream tops old Aunties and Uncles waddling past, we're in heaven.

Special fish hotpot - $10. Some kind of Vietnamese fish (the owner declared it his favourite) in a Chinese style peppery, garlicky brown sauce. The fish breaks off into large firm white hunks with a solid backbone between. It comes with a mound of rice and some lightly pickled veggies. Fantastic.

Crab meat and prawn tapioca noodle soup - $10. Mr Shawn ordered this because it sounded random, but it turned out to be one of his favourite dishes. Thick udon-style noodles in a viscous broth that magically thins towards the bottom of the bowl, with wispy egg bits, crab bits and a few prawnies. Pretty dang good, fantastic even, though the version at Pho Gia Hoi is a personal favourite.

The menu is a mix of Chinese/Vietnamese, so there's many favourites from each. It gets busy at lunchtime so get in early, which is the case for most places in Homebush West.

Fantastic Restaurant  is at 12b Henley Road Homebush West (Flemington). Phone 02 9746 5486.

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  1. We live in Flemington and Fantastic has been our favourite location for over a year. To our utter dismay it has recently changed management/owner and headed in an even fancier direction with an updated menu and prices. Is there any chance you would visit once more for an updated review?

    1. Interesting move for that area, you would think a higher priced place couldn't compete. We'll try and get back soon.


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