29 August 2013

Ajisai Japanese Sushi Bar ~ Sussex Centre Food Court - Chinatown

It's great to see a straight-up sushi bar open in a Chinatown food court. The sushi is only $1 per piece, and we're not just talking your regular old California roll, there's some pretty fancy pants one buck sushi.

We don't eat a lot of sushi but it tastes pretty good to us. Our favourite sushi here is the aburi style seared sashimi pieces. Full droolage at a third of the price of a sushi train joint.

Ajisai is run by lovely folks, so lovely that we have forgiven them for replacing the much loved Kitchen OEC. Almost.

Get in while it's still cheap, you never know how long it will last.

At night they and they reduce sushi boxes to $7. Bargain.

Another $7 end-of-day sushi box with some more fancy pants stuff.

Vegetable tempura sushi, only $1 for two pieces. Super bargain!

Chicken katsu curry - $8.90. Ajisai also does a few hot dishes. This is a deep fried chicken cutlet in rice in a pond of Japanese curry, with a splash of Bulldog bbq sauce, Japanese pickles, fresh grated cabbage and rice. Pretty good feed for the price, though nothing can replace Kitchen OEC's magic katsudon. My god.

For an extra $2 with any main meal you get 3 fried gyoza (dumplings). Joy.

Ajisai Sushi is at the Sussex Centre Food Court.

For a run down of our favourites in the food court, have a look here. We try and update it as soon as things change.

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