12 August 2013

Street Food on 2SER Breakfast with Tim Higgins

Alison has the pleasure of getting up early on a Monday morning and talking with Tim Higgins about all things street food on 2SER. Shawn is content to get an extra half hour sleep.

Here's the low down on what we chow down on:

Alternative Breakfasts

A Taste of Taiwan in Sydney

Taxi Driver Eats

Food Courts in Chinatown

Tune in every week about 8.30 to hear some around town food news. If you haven't had your breakfast yet and don't want to be hungry at 8.30am, listen to the podcast later!

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  1. Awesome! Now we know what Alison sounds like! :)

    You know you guys should run a little Food Tour type thing, small group pick a restaurant or two for the meet!

    1. We just want you to get out there and have your own mini food tour, eat what you like and eat something new.

  2. You're famous! And to think that I knew you before you were FAMOUS!

  3. That was quite a performance on Radio 2SER.
    You made a very good impression on the audience.
    The next step is hosting your own radio or TV show.
    Keep up the good work.


Thanks for your comment joy - please keep your musings happy - if you want to complain about a restaurant please do it on a restaurant review site (or your own blog) - we're all about celebrating cultural diversity and the great eats that come along with it :-)

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