14 August 2013

Street Food is On Holiday - Japan here we come!

We won't be posting for a couple of weeks as we're off to Sapporo and Tokyo to check out the summer eaties in Japan. Sayonara!

We are off to Japan for just over a week, so will be posting all of our food finds when we return.

Heading north this time, we will be indulging in the annual Sapporo Beer Festival and all the northern delights we can get our grubby mitts on, with a few days in Tokyo for some more humidity beating summer goodies. We also hope to revisit a few favourite spots too.

If you want to read about our past Japanese adventures, here's a run down to keep you busy:

2011 Tokyo
Shinjuku stand up bar
Mejiro, Piss Alley, ramen street stall
Harajuku ramen, yakatori in Ginza, sushi in Shinjuku
Asakusa ramen, fluffy combini sandos, cat cafe in Odaiba, Shimbashi
Tsukuji Fish market, Akihabara, yakitori in Ueno
Kamakura flat squids, tonkatsu sandwiches, ramen in Kabuki-cho
Tokyo backstreets, bento and baseball
Train station soba, Polysics and Softbank Dog
Udon in Yoyogi, Lotteria and MOS burger smackdown
Narita Town and Airport Sushi trains

2010 Osaka
Bar food and tonkotsu ramen in Fukushima
Choco Cro and fish waffles
Fresh food markets, supermarket alcohol and green tea cake
Izakaya heaven in Fukushima
Yoshinoya breakfast, Nara, fresh mochi
Mobile takoyaki van, balmain bug izakaya, Japanese McDonalds
Depachika in Himeji
Soba in Osaka, Himeji and Shinsaibashi
Nishiki Market
Kyoto, Fukushima stand up wine bar, 7 Eleven dining
Osaka Castle Park, MOS burger and tonkotsu ramen
Sashimi, Curry, Izakaya, Crepes, Ramen and Happy Happy Nomen Bar
Simple soba, Umeda underground, Osaka Airport food court

Happy eating!


  1. No posts for a couple of weeks?! But... what will I do? I've read every post (both local and abroad) already lol. No joke.

    Oh and hello! Long time lurker/reader, but I don't think I've ever managed to post a comment to show my appreciation for your blog :D

    Looking forward to your Japan posts when you return! Love the detail and many photos you guys include. Never change! :)

    Travel safe and have fun! That beer festival sounds like my kinda thing.

    1. Oh Sharon, what dedication! Never fear we have returned and Shawn is sifting through the thousands of photos getting it all ready for your enjoyment.

  2. Have fun! When we visited last year (on a bit of a ramen mission) we found the Ramen Adventures and Ramenate blogs pretty useful if that's what you're after. If you only have one bowl, I would strongly recommend Nagi in Golden Gai. It was so fishy and funky, it was like a Japanese Assam laksa. Awesome.

    Other useful tip... You can download maps in the latest version of Google maps when you're in WiFi (with a smart phone), and then mark the spot of places you want to visit. Takes away some of the fun if getting lost in Japan, but it saved us hours of wasted wandering time when we were in a hurry.

    1. Thanks for the tip. We did end up getting a mobile wifi which saved us some aimless wandering and helped us discover some beautiful little treasures of walks. We didn't make it to your suggestion though - next time!

  3. I am soooo jealous, I could literally strangle you!! :) Have fun!


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