08 August 2013

Veggie Patch Food Truck ~ Hippie Food - Sydney

 Veggie Patch Van food truck makes hanging out in the park on a winter sunny day a worthwhile lunchtime adventure.

You might be forgiven for thinking Street Food has gone all hippy on you. On 'The Young Ones' Neil the hippy has a great mantra about the growing your own food which always, always makes us laugh and repeat endlessly. We sow the seeds, then nature grows the seeds and then we eat the seeds!

We are great champions of vegetables and vegetarian food, especially when it is done so well you don't even realise there's no meat in it. Having the occasional vegetarian feed also offsets all the other feasting we undertake and helps keep us a little less porky and peeky. The Veggie Patch Van has a small selection of burgers and snacks so it doesn't over reach and under deliver, and you can enjoy your lunch in the park or wherever the van is.

We spied the van in Victoria Park opposite the Seymour Centre. The vans in the park have slowed down to being almost non existent, perhaps in summer they will come back. There's also bound to be a bit of natural selection over which vans have survived the first wave of council approved food trucks. We would love to see the controls loosened so more smaller independent food vans with home style or traditional foods can get out and feed us, like Dixon House Food Court on wheels.

The menu is short and sweet, so no great existential lunch time deliberations need to be made.

Fried sweet potato chips with dill mayo ($5) are served cold. They are more like crisps than hot chippies. We love the beautiful seedy buns on the burgers too.

Zucchini burger, $10. A zucchini, fetta and chick pea pattie with a great beetroot relish. This one was our favourite, it really had a great flavour hit from all the relishes and onions.

Haloumi Burger, $10. Fried haloumi with sauce and lettuce, a more basic burger that needed an extra wow factor (mushrooms perhaps?)

Ginger Beer, $4 a cup. Not a large glass but a good ginger flavour.

Shawn can't help but think of the dog car in Dumb and Dumber whenever he sees the van. Find them around the city somewhere.


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  1. The zucchini burger is great & I agree that the Haloumi burger needs more "WOW". I was disappointed last time that under a few orange sweet potato chips the rest were burnt black. Not happy Jan.

    1. Mmmmm I like the burnt ones.

    2. No, these were BURNT! Like in the bin burnt and you know I eat anything cos I'm a fatty guts.

  2. Yum, loved their Vegan Burger, so filling too.

    Haha, does Dixon House Food Court on wheels exist!? Coz if it doesn't, it defs should! :D

  3. I have to fully agree with you that vegetarian food can sometimes be highly misunderstood. People usually have the wrong perception of it as being tasteless or plain disgusting. I have personally tried it before and it tasted nothing like a plain boring salad. I think if done up properly, it tastes as good as a steak burger. Hence, if you see a storage truck with the word veggie on it, give it a go next time and experience for yourself and cleanse your body of the meats for once.


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