13 August 2013

Mother Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Mother Thai is a new opening in the ever changing Dixon House Food Court, with the usual Thai fare and a few surprises.
Dixon House Food Court seems to be undergoing some sort of crisis at the moment. There has been a constant churn of tenants and at the moment there are five vacant stalls, if you have a favourite then get on down there and give it another go, you never know when it might go.

There's still the same atmosphere we love: wooden panelling and mirrored ceilings give it a 1970's disco ambience, and a number of long time tenants are still hanging in there. As a new arrival Mother Thai adds some colour with its bright yellow signage (almost a compulsory colour theme for a Thai restaurant) and some variety to the remaining food choices.

Pork omelette - $7.50. The omelette is a good serve of eggy goodness, with frilly tasty edges.

Red curry - $9. There's your usual curries here in all the South Sydney colours, as well as a mussaman and Penang style. More sauce than meat.

Beef salad - $5. We were expecting a rare beef salad but got a well done beef salad. Not a great beef salad but for five bucks it's a sweet deal.

Thai meatball noodle soup - $8.20. Irregular balls of peppery pork in a lighter style broth with clear vermicelli noodles, a good alternative to tom yam or not so much chilli heat.

Rad Na - $8.20. Fried noodle with gravy sauce, also known as rad nah or lad na. The magic of this dish is the thinning of the sauce as you eat. It's also served really boiling hot, so you can't scoff it quickly.

Chili Basil Fried Rice - $8.80. Sometimes you just have to have a fried rice. The chilli was present, but didn't fully contribute to the party.

A good choice for those that are starting to adventure in food court world and want something familiar. Lots of standard fried noodle dishes, pad si ew, pad kee mao, soups and stir fries with rice are available too.

Mother Thai is at stall B13, next to the southern doorway.


  1. Are they renovating Dixon House at the moment? Half the stalls are empty.

    1. Please tell me that's wrong...one of the best things about Dixon House is the daggy 1980s interior.

    2. I don't think they're renovating, just a tenant crisis. As much as we love it daggy this place probably needs a facelift to survive, sad but true.


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