18 March 2017

European Rolls at Izgrev Deli - Kogarah

European rolls, Greek cheeses, spices and sauces, halva and a damn fine snacking sausage are to be found at this deli in Kogarah.

We love a food store that gives you an opportunity to sit down inside and eat. Izgrev Deli in Kogarah is a wide, shiny tiled shop with basic chairs and tables at the front, that gives you some room to eat, drink coffee and live like a European with all the lunch time in the world for a while.

The main (and pretty much only) lunch option here is the European roll, a DIY selection of meats, salads, cheese and pickled vegetables in a crisp white bread roll. For six bucks you can make up your own selection, heck you can even have the salami, ham and chicken slices all at once if you want. Mayonnaise or mustard? Why not have both? Yes to all the pickles! This is a charcuterie platter scraped off the wooden board and piled altogether into a roll.

While you've sat and munched, you most likely have been staring at the rows of groceries lining the shelves of the deli, or thinking about all the deli-cacies in the fridge. The goods are mostly European, Macedonian, Hungarian and even a little Spanish. We picked up this huge jar of ajvar, a spicy capsicum spread that can be thrown onto a sandwich or spooned into a stew, as well as Spanish pimenton (paprika).

Best of all is the selection of sausages, especially these thick spiced Macedonian ones. Choose your sausage favourite from fat larger and spicier ones to thinner versions with less spice hit. These guys are just made for snacking, sitting around with paper spread on the table and a glass of cold beer, some lumps of cheese and bread and a sharp knife at hand to carve off bits of the meat. Eat slowly, talk, listen, sip beer, repeat. 

We have a love of potted meats and pastes, perhaps stemming from childhoods based on Pecks Ham Spread and Anchovette. This paste is known as Cajne Pasteta Tea Time Pate, a very gentle way to describe a mild version of liver pate.

For sweets, squared hunks of chocolate halva with whole almonds, round off the shopping list.

Izgrev Deli is at 1/88 Railway Parade, Kogarah. Ph: 9588 4880.

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