15 March 2017

Nam Ngiao at Cheng Kitchen ~ Thaitown

We find one our favourite travel dishes back home in Sydney.

You know how it is - you're pootling through countryside somewhere and find an amazing dish made by a lovely auntie on the side of the road, and you can never find one quite the same back home. It's the conundrum that started this blog in the first place.

Well, we've had some luck of late finding Nam Ngiao  a Northern Thai roadside classic of curry, noodles and help-yourself side fixings, a heartier cousin of Southern Thailand's Khanom Jeen, wethinks.

Our favourite Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiew lady from our last Thailand trip had two big pots of broth on the go, one pork and one fish. This is ladled onto a small portion of rice noodles.

Help yourself to fixings to sprinkle on top.

Serving suggestion. We ate this daily throughout Northern Thailand. Sometimes it was the only thing to eat. Some versions were very tomato-y and gentle, like Thai spag bog. Others were complex and fiery. They were all a little different which is half the fun.

We've never stumbled across nam ngiao in Sydney, not that we've really looked, but Alison noticed the other day that Cheng Kitchen specialises in Northern Thai, so we check it out with fingers crossed. Bingo - here it is - our own Club 54.

Cheng Kitchen's Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiew - $10. It's a beauty - we are transported right back to roadside Fang. The pork and and tomato base is spiced up fairly hot with hunks of pork, blood cubes, and a little veg. It comes with a small plate of sides -  bean  sprouts, pork crackling and pickled veg. So happy.

Cheng Kitchen is at 54 Campbell Street, Haymarket/Thaitown, where Rim Tanon used to be. Phone 9211 2025 chengkitchen.com.au

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  1. The khao soi at Cheng kitchen is pretty ace too - let me know if you find a better one in sydney

  2. Rim thanon used to do this dish as well!

  3. Fuck yeah, love this. You should go back for khantoke.


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