28 March 2017

Ramen Bar Goku ~ Japanese - Glebe

David Chang may have given up on ramen but we haven't. Ramen Bar Goku in Glebe keeps the faith alive.

For a while there it seemed like ramen was ruling the universe. Then of course burgers came along and all heads were turned away from noodles and bowls of pork broth. So a new ramen bar in Glebe probably doesn't add any excited oohs and aahs to the food scene, but sure is handy if you live in the area and it's just what you need.

Ramen can be one of those dishes that you only crave every now and then, but when the need strikes the call is strong. Goku Ramen Bar in Glebe has a strong ramen selection, from a simple house tonkotsu style, or miso rich to lighter shoyu (soy) and shio (salt) varieties. Their house ramen (Goku Ramen, $11.90) sits in the simpler category with just enough toppings to set you right.

There's pan fried pork gyoza for extra lunch fillings, the bottoms crisp and the wrapping still holding some bite. ($7.90)

Our favourite of the noodle selections has been the tsuke men, ($12.90) cold noodles topped with pork chashu slices, served alongside a deep broth (we chose a shoyu base) for dipping the noodles as you please. In hotter weather this is an excellent option as less of the thick broth is consumed as soup, more as a noodle coating.

Japanese lunch greatest hits continue with a kara-age don, egg and deep fried chicken on top of a bowl of rice. There's a little sauce underneath to keep it from drying out from the fried goodness on top. ($11.90)

Close to being more bean sprout than noodle, the Yasai ramen (here with a shio broth) was another good lighter option, one for the vegetarians is a welcome choice. ($12.90)

But heading back toward the dark, black and murky world of black garlic ramen ($12.90), we were recommended to have this with miso broth and the mix was perfect. Nicely soft egg, negi, sesame seeds and bamboo shoots balance the deeper flavours.

Japanese curry gets little hoo-ha compared to ramen, but it really is a comforting and satisfying plate of goodness. Japanese curry is somewhat similar to Indian in the use of a generic curry powder as the base, but far different in execution. Sold for the home cook in cubes of hard paste, it is closer to a gravy flavoured with curry powder than a true complex Indian version. The dish here has a deep, dark hued curry sauce that floats around a crunchy pork katsu. Maybe one for the curry fans, we thought it was a cracker. The side of pickled radish helps cut a little of the fattiness of the crisp fried pork.

We love the clever use of the Japanese characters for Goku made into a Daruma face in the logo. 

Ramen Bar Goku is at 30 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Ph: 9277 4649.

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Renovations of the terrace a few doors down we hope don't put this wonderful old shop sign at risk. Underneath you can just make out The Busy Bee Cafe, while newer sign is for the Wai Sing. Ghost signs of Glebe.

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