11 March 2017

Farewell Hong Kong King's Chef - Eating World Food Court

Mr Shawn had a sudden fetish for egg and prawn on rice from Eating World's Hong Kong King's Chef - but it closed just the day before. Poo.

We thought we should give these folks a tip of the hat - they've been here seemingly forever and feel sad we never got to really go through the menu, and dang we were just about to nuts on it. These old school Cantonese joints are getting thin on the ground as migration patterns change, and as we look through our old posts we feel we've under-appreciated them. We've been going to Fish King Kitchen (nee Soya King Kitchen) - a fair bit of late and will make sure we get to Won Ton Noodle House before the hardest working auntie in Chinatown hangs up her order pad, ditto Phnom Penh Teo Chew Noodle House.

Speaking of Eating World - there's a new Thai joint where the once-brilliant Sydney Foodie Station lived, they have some doo-dee style soups which we're keen to try.


  1. That's the same Thai place that used to be on the other corner of the food court. Think this kitchen is bigger hence the move.

  2. Been going there for the past 3years
    I took my first gf there as our first date haha and we're still together now XD

    Oh well was one of the most cost effective food place; taste, price, size, time all extremely well for the price, soooo sad to see it go


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