30 March 2017

Huang Tai Ji Jian Bing ~ Chinese - Town Hall [Closed]

G'Day, Jian Bing! And see ya later. We learn a lesson in not posting quick enough, or on how fast the food scene is moving in Sydney.

[Closed March 2017]

Sydney, your restaurants seem to be opening and closing way too fast. You've got to stop and give us some time to love you, to eat at you and tell others about you. We need more than a couple of months to get used to you.

You've got to stop spending money on renovating new shop spaces, then closing down a few weeks or months later and needing a whole new fit out. We just can't keep up.

We recently had breakfast at Huang Tai Ji Jian Bing, getting all excited about the options for a good eggy omelet, with pork floss and crunchy cracker fillings.

We loved your half sized serves, filled with egg, chilli and garlic sauce. Just big enough for a reasonable snack or just right breakfast.

We loved your serves of hot soy milk, perfectly warming with the chilli omelet. We had plans to come back and try more.

But alas, you've closed, getting stripped out once more. Next version going in, Gong Cha.

Huang Tai Ji Jianbing was at 16/501 George St, near Town Hall station.

Huang Tai Ji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. this is crazy eh?? i went v close to when it first opened and it was so busy! surprised they couldnt keep it up


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