19 May 2011

Epic Yum Cha ~ Cantonese Dumplings - Broadway [CLOSED]

Is Epic Yum Cha more epic than Gone with the Wind? Bigger than Ben Hur? More fantastic that than Final Fantasy? Weightier than War and Peace? [CLOSED - AUGUST 2011]

Like kiddies to candy, we're lured into Epic Yum Cha by the specials board. Two visits later we're in love with the joint. What's not to love about all-day-yum-cha, plus stir fry dishes at around $12 a pop?

We have a soft spot for the atmopshere here: tiled floor, sparce decor, and six lanes of traffic outside, we feel like we're in the dining room of a mid-range Chinese business hotel. Any joint that makes us feel like we're travelling is a winner with us.

The epic yum cha meal deal x2 - a hotpot dish, a yum cha dish and a drink (tea, softie or wine) for $9.90-$12.90 - depending on your yumcha choice. The hotpot dishes are plain and simple and may not be to everyone's taste but we loved it - Alison went for phoenix talons (chicken feet) and pork. Shawn went for minced beef and egg, he's obsessed with anything rissole related. For yum cha snackage we went the pork and preserved egg congee and crisp, fried vegeatarian bean curd rolls.

In addition, we tried scallop and prawn dumplings and Chaozhou dumplings with peanuts, vegetables and chestnuts. The Chaozhou were like sampan congee toppings in a wrapper.

Shredded duck fried rice, eggplant with prawn paste, fried radish cakes and chicken sticky rice. There's sometimes a weird guilty feeling when we order fried rice, like we should be trying more exotic options. The rice turns out to have generous shreds of chicken and is piping hot and tasty, we don't regret it at all.

So is Epic Yum Cha epic? Well it's pretty bloody good.

Epic Yum Cha is at Shop 5, 185 Broadway, Ultimo, just down the road from the Broadway shopping centre. Phone 02 9280 4144. Closed Mondays.

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  1. I've often wondered about this place...it's always empty and I wonder why as there is no other Yum Cha close by really. Looks OK....

  2. Oooh...I walk pass this restaurant all the time! I've always wondered what it was like :D I don't really like yum cha that much, so I've never been into it...but the food looks pretty good!

  3. That's not bad value. I think it was closed for renovations the last time we passed it.

  4. Hmmm, I miss dim sum and yum cha-style dishes soooo much. More of the same please!
    And all so resonably prized, hmmm...

  5. I pass this on the way to uni every single week and wonder what it's like. Thanks for the review ! I might actually end up trying it one day !

  6. This is now Bling Bling Dumplings!?!? I was so confused as I didn't know it was a eatery or jewelry shop. Tried the takeaway pan fried dumplings the pork ones are tasty....but the lamb ones are mmmmmm interesting.... I miss epic yum cha... It was good...even my HK colleague gave her seal of approval.

  7. Yeah we loved Epic Yum Cha too...

  8. Best Dumplings in Sydney !

  9. We had been eating at Epic Yum Cha for ages... decided to give Bling Bling Dumplings a go tonight- what a mistake. The food was definitely pre-made (steamed buns take more than 30 seconds!), the sauce on the noodle dishes tasted like it came from a jar and the dumplings were only ok. We had a lamb and green onion pancake, which was the only bright spot in an otherwise really uninspiring meal. One of the waiters said that the previous owner returned to HK and sold the restaurant. Won't be back, sad to lose EYC!

  10. We miss Epic Yum Cha too, good restaurant in a tough location...


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