13 August 2018

Penang Hawker Street Food ~ Malaysian - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown

Penang Hawker Street Food in Dixon House Food Court is a K-Tel compilation album of Malaysian food hits. Do yourself a flavour...

There's too many for lease signs in Dixon House these days, but it's still plenty busy and there's half a dozen great stalls kicking butt. 

The menu at Penang Hawker Street Food is same same but different, there's less than 20 dishes to choose from so it's a nice tight range. You could call it a greatest hits record of Chinese - Malaysian street food dishes, from wok fried noodles and deep fried or BBQ chicken on side one to curries, soups and fried rice on side two. Like most compilations, some of the choices are stronger than others.

Hainanese chicken rice - $11. We've never met a chicken rice we didn't like.

Wanton mee with BBQ chicken - $11. Awesome chicken on egg noodles in super sweet sauce that could be too sweet for some, like us.

Chicken Kuay Teow Noodle Soup - $10. We're fans of a soup that lets you start off quite plain and end in a swirl of chilli. This is a rice noodle soup built on a plain chicken broth with a few greens, carrots and bean sprouts. There's a bonus added extra to the few slices of chicken,  the couple of soft fish balls thrown in for good measure have a great bite. We added a spoonful of chili from the counter.

Curry chicken with noodle and egg - $12. More a curry sauce than a soup broth that was gently chilli and served good and hot. Generous hunks of potato, chicken on the bone and googie and thin noodles.

Nasi lemak with rendang chicken - $12. Great curry chook and plenty of it, with lightly coconut-ed rice, spicy sambal, peanuts and fishy bits.

Dixon House still offers real cutlery if you ask the shop folk nicely.

Penang Hawker Street Food is in the Dixon House Food Court, a subterranean ski lodge, cnr Little Hay and Dixon Street, Chinatown.

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