23 August 2018

Yummy One ~ Chinese - Chinatown\Central

Yummy One is a twofer: a Hong Kong coffee shop complete with luncheon meat sandwiches and coffee-tea. And they're also a dab hand at Chinese-Malaysian, sweet, shiny and glorious.

It's the crowds that lured us into Yummy One, this place is never empty. We like to visit outside lunch/dinner when there's just a few punters, we can switch off for a while and pretend we're in Hong Kong. There's just something about Yummy One that screams 'Hongkers!' to us. Maybe it's the east/west condiment sets on the table, maybe it's the walls plastered with menus and meal deals, maybe it's the ruthlessly efficient service. Whatever it is, we just love the utilitarian city diner vibe of this place.

Dining-in during the lunch rush is something else. Those half-dozen tables turn over quick and there's a constant takeaway trade. The food is pumped out fast and in our experience it's consistently good to excellent, we really like their cooking style(s) and their big beautiful menu.

To many folks Yummy One may just be another hole-in-the-wall Chinese joint, but to us and their many fans, Yummy One is a bit special.

Golden oats fish fillets - $19.80. These are very much like Malaysian cereal prawns, only made with oats instead of Asian breakfast cereal (Cerelac or Nestum wethinks). It makes for a batter with amazing texture, very light and crunchy. And super sweet. This was very well cooked, like we're in some fancypants restaurant. Hubba hubba.

Marmite chicken ribs with rice - $10.80. Another Chinese-Malaysian classic, tastes like sweet and sour for grown ups.

Just like in a Hong Kong cafe, Yummy One does some great meal deals, the afternoon special between 2pm and 5pm is particularly good - a meal/snack and a drink from $5.80. We try the snow cabbage and pork noodle soup with a Hong Kong style iced milk tea for only $9.80. For that bargain price we expected a sub-par soup but it was a beauty. A few slices of pork poached in the broth, and a good handful of fresh veggies with egg noodles (or rice\instant), and some fresh ginger. The broth was simple but a corker - from the colour and taste we guess it had fermented tofu as a base, which is a magical flavour maker, just a guess. We've been back for this one and liked it just as much second time around.

Stir fry kangkong with beef (or chicken) - $12.80. Water spinach and sliced beef with some garlic and carrot, in a simple sauce, a bit of soy maybe. Beef and kangkong are special friends, we go nuts on it when we are in Hong Kong, scrummy yet light and healthy.

Buttered egg seafood rice 13.80. Plain and comforting.

Sweetened cream toast + drink - $5.80 (afternoon special). A Honkers classic of toast with plenty of butter and a dollop of cream-in-a-can. For today's drink we choose coffee-tea, that curious Hong Kong blend of coffee and tea in the same cup, it tastes surprisingly awesome when served iced, when served hot it can be quite bitter, a flavour we are yet to get our heads around. The afternoon tea specials are served after 2.30pm, and not a minute before, as we've learnt the hard way.

Crispy skin chicken - $13.80. It's rare that we order fried chicken, but this version just looks so good, like it's been basted in something red, and a little sweet and salty.  Whatever it is, it works. The fried egg is nice and soft and the sweet chili sauce on the side is a well picked partner. There's something magic about the combo of chicken and rice loved equally by our brain and body. It's beyond us how folks dig chicken'n'chips when chicken'n'rice go together so much better.

Yummy One - Good Place For Lunch & Dinner - is at shop 9, 107-121 Quay Street, Haymarket/Chinatown.

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