24 September 2019

Warung Ita ~ Indonesian, Lakemba

Holy moly we love us some Padang food, to the point where we made a food pilgrimage to Padang not so long ago. And holy moly we love Warung Ita Padang Restaurant, there's a freshness to the food at Warung Ita that grabs us by the booboos.

Nasi campur - three choices on rice, plus ikan bilis because it's essential - about $12. Eggplant, kale'n'green, beans in coconut (how clever using kale, a great substitute for cassava leaves or other greens not so easily found down under) and slow braised meaty bits on the bone.

Nasi campur with fried potato, green beans'n'tempeh, chicken curry and some ikan bilis as well. It's so hard to make sure you get two different plates of dishes, when sometimes you just want to eat what the other has. There's always a wide choice of dishes, from fish, vegetables and chicken, beef and rendang but somehow we always just want tempeh, greens and ikan bilis. We also love the 'Help yourself to hot tea from the urn', common to many Indo places.  Always a nice touch.

Warung Ita is at 168 Haldon Street. Lakemba. This restaurant is pretty much unchanged after many years, get in and enjoy.

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