25 September 2019

Valencia Sandwich Bar - Wynyard, CBD

Is this the last true sandwich bar in the CBD?

If you've ever worked in the Sydney CBD or a big city centre, you know what it is like trying to find something to eat at lunchtime that's quick, cheap and won't take up more than your hour to find and consume. Perhaps you're after something that's lunch al desko friendly so you can finish your TPS reports. Sometimes, just a bucket of chips and a simple sandwich is what you need most.

Valencia Sandwich Bar is likely one of the last milk bar style sandwich shops in the Sydney CBD. On the corner of Kent and Erskine just behind Wynyard Station, it is festooned with Liverpool Football Club red banners and posters, sports a name from a Spanish town and is run by friendly Greeks.

Rissole sandwich with tomato sauce and a side serve of hot chips in a bucket. $4 for the sanga and not much more for the chips. The stand by lunch of our childhood, left over rissoles from the night before on white bread with butter and tomato sauce. Yes, it may also have been margarine when we were told that was better for us.

Roast pork on white bread with butter, salt and pepper. $6.50. Mr Valencia Sandwich Bar asks if I want some skin, still crisp, yes please. He asks if I want gravy, yes please. On the bottom layer is the line of pork skin, crisp and still warm. Not visible is the warm feel of butter and pork juice running down along the inside of my arm.

Want just a standard salad sambo? Classic set up with beetroot, grated carrot and lots of white pepper and salt.

Liverpool Football club memorabilia is all over the shop.

Strategically placed snack stand next to the hot food bar.

Valencia Sandwich Bar is at 299 Kent St, CBD.

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  1. Sadly, sandwich bars like Valencia are rare as hens' teeth in the CBD. There's a similar place on York St, called Quick & Fresh.


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