29 October 2019

Golden Crown Yummy Express, Chinese-Malaysian, Campsie

Campsie's Beamish Street is getting busier and busier over the years. It's much more Chinese than Korean these days, like a battler's Chatswood. The usual chain restaurants haven't taken over Campsie yet, it's a great spot for mum'n'pop Chinese restos, such as today's lucky dip, Golden Crown Yummy Express.

It's beautifully functional and was full of punters not long after this photo.

All kinds of tantalising dishes tease us from the walls up above. But you can't have them.

Golden Crown Yummy Express menu

On our visit at least, they just ran with a a quicky-cheapy menu, which suits us. Sometimes it's a relief not have the indecision meltdown we get from a thirty page menu. And it looks like Chinese-Malaysian. Double happy.

Mince pork with preserved egg congee - $6.80. We expected this to be tiny in size to match the tiny price, but it was a good serve for a solo feed or sharesies. And minced pork and preserved egg congee is always good - that magic homely mix of fluid, starch and salt.  Mother...

Fish head bihun soup - $10.80. This was a corker - one of those plain-at-first-sip soups that turns magic as it cools and the flavours meld. There were several hunky chunks of salmon - half a head, some frame, belly and wing - all deep fried and still with some oh-so-rich fatty flesh attached. The broth was plain which suited the fish, and was given a little extra substance with a dash of coconut milk or maybe Carnation milk. We doggy bagged half of it and it was even better later on when the lovely fatty salmon flavours soaked into the noodles, like a poor person's crab bihoon.

Sambal fried bihun - $10.80. With just a hint of spice this pretty much a Singapore Noodles in Straya-speak. And that's a good thing.

Golden Crown Yummy Express cocktail menu.

Golden Crown Yummy Express is at 236 Beamish St, Campsie.

Golden Crown Yummy Express Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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