05 October 2013

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Korean Barley Tea - Harmony Mart, Haymarket

Our new favourite drink for the summer, Korean barley tea is easy to make and damn refreshing to boot.

Harmony Mart is one our favourite post feasting stops in Chinatown. It's usually a convenient place to grab a cold drink before we waddle off home, or perhaps scoff a fish shaped waffle ice cream with red bean.

One fateful night we grabbed a box of mysterious tea to try and it has changed our liquid loving lives.

We had tried barley tea before in the Sussex Centre Food Court, it was a favourite to get from the now closed Kitchen OEC. The tea comes in a large box, about 15 bags for $1.50.

While 15 bags doesn't sound like much, each bag is industrial tea pot sized, enough to brew 2 litres of tea.

Ripping open one of the bags reveals a mix of charred grains and whiffs of a pleasant nutty aroma. There's no caffeine in barley tea, it's simply roasted barley. There's some supposed health benefits as well, including antioxidants and blood thinning properties.

To make is as simple as filling a large two litre jar or bottle with hot water and a tea bag. Let it soak until the water has cooled and enjoy. We keep it int he fridge to make it colder and refreshing.

We found this barley tea at Harmony Mart on Quay St in Haymarket, near Satang Thai. It's also available in larger boxes of 30 at the Thai Kee Supermarket in Market City.

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