15 October 2013

Mekong Eating House ~ Vietnamese - Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

A new addition to the Dixon House Food Court, Mekong Eating House fills out the food court culinary profile with some Vietnamese options.


We often wait with baited breath to see what might open next in our beloved food courts. So when we spied this new Vietnamese joint, we were happy to have some new (old favourite) flavours to try. There's only 15 things on offer on the menu and they were still finding their feet when we went there a few times. They also seem to be trying out some different prices to what is on the board, they might have been a bit optimistic with their initial pricing.

Sugar cane prawns with vermicelli noodles - $13. Grilled prawn paste wrapped around sweet sticks of chewy sugar cane on a bed of vermicelli noodles. The salad is lifted by fresh mint and light pickled shredded carrot. Pour over the sauce, mix and scoff.

Spring Roll and pork salad - $10. Same salad but with chopped spring rolls and shredded pork skin. We discover we pour our sauce in different ways - Shawn pours his all in one go while Alison splashes it on a bit by bit. Sauce pouring is such a personal thing.

Special beef pho noodle soup - $12. Three styles of beef; meatballs, sliced tender beef and a small amount of roast beef. The bowl was filled with cooked radish, something we've not encountered before in a pho. The broth was a more hearty home style, a little cloudy and very beefy. A small plate of mint, sliced lemon and bamboo shoots were offered to add to taste.

Vietnamese pork chop with rice and fried egg - $11.50. The pork was cut up so easy to eat and the dish was served with the same sauce as the salads for pouring on the rice and adding extra flavour. Also comes with a small bowl of chicken soup.

Mekong Eating House is at Shop B04 Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown. After two places have been in this spot in quick succession (Kisaragi Ramen and Fat Bird Express) we can only wish them better luck than the last tenants.

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  1. I've been searching for a great Vietnamese place that delivers on the money I spend and this place is a hidden GEM! The food was fresh and tasted so clean, left me feeling full but not bloated and the flavours were amazing! This is my new hot spot. You will not regret this genuine taste of Asia...

    1. It was alright but there's better around town wethinks.

  2. Was the pork chop deep fried in the usual Viet style or was it grilled?

  3. Is this place closed? Went down yesterday and it was closed at lunchtime, which is odd.

  4. It was open on Thursday night, not sure how long this place will last though...

  5. I've been told (by my Chinese Viet parents) that radish in pho soup is authentic. It does impart a sweeter flavour to the whole dish

    1. We loved it, it was a sweet addition that worked well with the beef. We hadn't seen it before, always nice when new things are old things too.


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