08 October 2013

Ramen Sun Sun ~ Japanese - Crow's Nest

We make a couple of visits to a joint we haven't been to in since the last century. Is it as good as we remember?

A trip to Crows nest is always nostalgic for us. It's where we met and became superfriends while working in the software biz, an office romance so secret that the whole office knew about it before we did. Sun Sun was a regular lunch spot for Mr Shawn who was hooked on the oyakodon. We return thirteen years later to see if it is good as he remembers.

We revisit a couple of times on a Saturday and it's pretty busy, not packed but there's quite a good turnout

Oyako don - $10. Chicken and onions simmered in soy, mirin and sake with an egg thrown in at the end. It's pretty good but Mr Shawn remembers the egg being nice and wet, almost runny, rather than dry and firm. We wonder if we asked whether they would do the egg runny for us. We bet they would...

Shio ramen - $10. A good clear broth and very good noodles. Alison loves corn in her ramen, it's a game to find all the little pieces.

Miso ramen - $10. Everything is pretty much the same as the shio version, probably just with a hunk of miso added in. It's got a good miso taste and makes a good change from a regular shio or tonkotsu style.

Sui Gyoza - $8.50. Dumplings in soy sauce soup. There was peppery meatiness to the gyoza, and they worked surprisingly better than grilled which can dry out the wrapper and filling if not done well. The soy sauce soup was salty, but was a good counterbalance to the plain dumplings, no dipping sauce required.

Ramen Sun Sun menu - click to enlarge.

Ramen Sun Sun specials menu - click to enlarge.

Verdict? As good.

Ramen Sun Sun is in the Crows Nest Plaza shopping centre at 103 Willoughby Rd Crows Nest, NSW.

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