14 July 2019

Dapur Ibu Alya ~ Indonesian - Lakemba

Ah Lakemba, the suburb that keeps on giving up copious and generous food gifts. We've been a-campuring at Dapur Ibu Alya and getting us some mighty fine Indo.

Haldon Street in Lakemba just keeps on expanding the number of places we want to try, it's an infinite food fest. We think we could spend this year just eating our way along this street and be plenty satisfied. Newest for us is Dapur Ibu Alya, just down the street from Island Dreams Cafe.

While we're standing in the queue for nasi campur from the bain-marie-of-love we strike up a conversation with a fellow in line. He's here to buy multiple containers of takeaway for his house-bound mum, enough for the week. This way she can have different meals every night, mix and match a bit of this and that and gets to keep up with the food she loves, especially something spicy or laborious to cook. We see him leave without more than half a dozen containers and afterwards plot our own retirement eating strategy based on this cunning plan.

Our selections from the choose three with rice nasi campur option: fried fish, jackfruit curry, bittermelon and some of the fishy peanuty greatness that is ikan bilis.

Selection two is lovely rich coconuty drier style rendang, an equally awesome fish curry, fried cubed tempeh pieces and the essential ikan bilis. We're always happy there's two of us so we can get six different dishes, but we always get our own serve of ikan bilis. No sharing.

There's more to Dapur Ibu Alya than the bain-marie-of-love. They have a full menu as well which they keep under the counter, just ask. We're in the mood for soup so we try the Soto Mie Bandung - $12, a double beef meatball noodle soup with a surprise chili hit that kicks in late, just when you least expect it. It's one of those soups where you take a slurp, inhale that chilli aroma and it goes straight down the back of your throat resulting in an embarrassing 'but I can take chilli!' coughing fit.

Baso tenis - $13. A gentle meatball noodle soup, the centrepiece being a near tennis ball sized meatball filled with eggy and beef tendon bits. We are big fans of baso/bakso soup and this is a beauty.

Ayam bakar padang - $10. Grilled chicken with spicy and ricey goodness. What a lunch for a tenner., not to heavy, not to light, and with a nice chili bite.

Dapur Ibu Alya is at 41 Haldon Street, Lakemba. No more Orient Fresh Coffee and Nuts.

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