02 October 2019

A Bowl of Noodles, Chinese, Chinatown

We have a bit on the side Shanghai-style at Bowl of Noodles on George Street.

Being the noodle soup fiends that we are, we had to try a joint that calls itself A Bowl of Noodles. It's a newish and pleasant casual mum'n'pop shop. We love their style of soup - a gentle, subtle broth with the star ingredients served on the side. You can eat the soup'n'sides separately, mix it all together, or a bit of both. The soups are a good size, filling the tum without the noodle carb coma.

A Bowl of Noodles is our go-to place for a noodle soup in Chinatown at the moment, it's a much appreciated replacement for the much missed Noodle Pot around the corner.  It has been busy every time we have visited - right food, right place, right price wethinks.

Stir fried squid with pickled vegetables - $14.80. We've never had squid with pickled vegetables before, never even thought of it, but it's fantastic. The squid is plain and tender and works wonders with the bitey pickled veg. The soup is plain in the delicious way, with half a smokey boiled egg and noodles. Instant love.

Stir fried pigs liver - $12.80. The soup is the same as above, this time with rich piggie bits that have a wonderful texture and medium offal hit.

Spiced and smoked fish with stir fried vegetables - $12.80. The fish is sweet'n'shiny with a nice crunch to the skin. Goes nicely with the plain soup and veggies. Way hey.

Lunch special - $12.80 with a coke! Same noodle soup (or dry) with little nibbly bits of stir fried pork and potato in a sweet spicy sauce with a fried googie on top for extra class. We thought the rectangally brown stuff was wheat gluten, as we have had often in Shanghai joints, but the menu said tofu. Either way we love it.

A Bowl of Noodles is at 733-735 George Street, Haymarket/Chinatown. This top section of George Street near Central Station is starting to come to life again as the light rail construction finishes. Giddy up.

A Bowl of Noodles 一碗麵 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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