08 October 2019

Chongqing Street Noodle ~ Chinese - Chinatown\City

The fire and spice of Chongqing noodle soup is something we get a craving for at least once a month. Fortunately there's a whole bunch of options for it in Sydney these days, and it's usually pretty much as good as you get in Chonqing, China. For this month's craving we hit Chonqing Street Noodle in the city, which is just a schooner throw from the Sir John Young Tavern, for those of us who pubnav.

It's a pleasant space for a quick feed, pretty spacious for the city. Fast smiley service. Happy punters. It's what B-Kyu is all about.

Pussycat overlord.

The meal deal is pretty hard to beat - a noodle dish plus a cold side and drink for fifteen bucks.

Pork hock Chongqing noodle soup - super porky and spicy.

Pork brain Chonqing noodle soup - the delicate texture and the little-bit-livery flavour of the brains are perfect match for the fiery soup.

Side of sliced beef and a couple of exta tea eggs.

Wolf teeth potoato chips. Crinkle cut chips with chili\sichuan peppery\oily sauce. We've had these on the streets of Chongqing, where the locals like their chippies a bit undercooked with a raw potato taste and texture, we prefer the Sydney version, the chippies are cooked through nicely.

Chongqing Street Noodle is at 88 Liverpool Street, City South\Chinatown fringe. The information superhighway suggests they also have shops in Burwood and Chatswood.

This post was brought to you by Mr Jerry J. Pussycat of Newtown who has a lovely back lane named after him. We believe he runs a two-up racket after dark.

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