28 October 2019

Kusuka on Sussex ~ Indonesian/Strayan - City

Kusuka is one of those places we keep going back to long after doing the blog thing there way back in 2017. Since then Kusuka  moved to a little-bit-bigger venue, a fine excuse to do it all again.

It was the Mi Goreng packet noodle mashups that lured us in the first place, they sounded like a bit of fun. But we soon learned that these folks can seriously cook and they're quite creative, and instagrammy.

Kopi hitam - $4.50. Brewed coffee. We like to save the side of condensed milk for dessert.

Mighty nest - $17. A good hunk of chook deep fried with a lovely thick crunch and spice kick (optional, recommended), with a fried egg party hat on top of rice and crunchy deep fried instant noodles, a little salad-y fresh nice and a good dash of white pepper. This is more than fun food, the folks at Kusuka can seriously cook and have a great touch when it comes to balancing flavours.

Yum kwetiau - $16.  Slow cooked beef brisket on boiled flat rice noodles made extra fancy with salad-y and crunchy bits. The plain clean wet noodles are a nice foil for the rich meaty bits. It is dressed in something subtley yum that we can't put a finger on. Yay chef.

Papa's congee - $13.50. Rice porridge with pork mince, pork crackling and omellette slices. Nice'n'porky.

Kopi susu - $5. Indonesian coffee sweetened with condensed milk. We just love saying 'kopi susu'.

Kusuka is at 12/339 Sussex Street, City.

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