25 October 2019

Tea Square Cafe ~ Hong Kong style - Glebe

Spam alert: A little bit of Honkers cafe style at the end of Glebe Point Rd.

With walls lined with Hong Kong road signs and cheek-by-elbow seating arrangement, this tiny cafe in Glebe delivers up HK cafe classics at a budget price.

Luncheon meat, or Spam if you are all fancy like, is one of the truly great sandwich fillers. Hong Kong sambos pair it with soft scrambled egg to make one of our favourite combos, even better than Baby John and Adriana. Tea Square Cafe takes the fancy a little bit further by cutting off the crusts so your hair won't go curly, and we dig it. Biting down on the toast and meeting the soft egg and meat inside, oh yeah.

Macaroni and ham soup, the kind of comfort food we would have asked our old granny to make for us if we were sick, that is if we had a Hong Kong granny. We are considering creating a Tinder to match up grannies with people who would love their cooking, in turn we would love them and write about how they inspired us in the introduction to our cookbooks. Macaroni is a favourite in HK cafe food menus, we've tried it with ham, spam and even a sardine version but not all at once.

Soft rice noodles, cheung fun, coated in that sweetie / salty mix of peanut butter and sesame seeds and dark soy. A gloopy mess that's fun to eat, stick your wooden stick in and scoop up the noodles and sauce in one pick.

Hong Kong French Toast is the kind of dish that kills with love. Fried bread, pats of butter and honey poured over the lot, we take no blame for your early demise after consuming this. Enjoy! This version seems to be one slice of bread battered and fried, again that mix of salty butter and sweet syrup just works so well.

Tea Square Cafe is at Shop 6, 281 Broadway, Glebe, right at the bottom of Glebe Point Rd.

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  1. hahaha Wheel of Fortune reference is gold! (and quite auspiciously appropriate really).

    My mum would be up for Asian Granny Tinder I think. Her macaroni soup came with corn, sliced up frankfurters and a pinch of chicken powder.

    1. Hopefully you won't get bankrupt! Also, we want your mum's soup.


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