23 October 2019

Slurp Slurp ~ Chinese, Rosebery

October's obession has been the wonderful soups, noodles and dumplings of Slurp Slurp in Rosebery.

This little corner in Rosebery is a smart location, there's a steady crew of workers during lunch time and a ton of new aparments galore.

Slurp Slurp is a bright and upbeat little corner space, we find it super cheery, ditto the staff. It has been super busy on all our visits, they are really doing something right. The food is just that little bit different, well cooked, and well presented. Most of all we love the crunchy zingy quick pickle veggies and the most amazing tea eggs we've ever tried. There's a touch of freshness that is rare in Chinese cooking, like there's a touch of Vietnamese to it. We diggeth mightily.

Signature Minty Beef - $13.80. Ya gotta try the signature dish. This soup has clean, subtle, broth jazzed up with fresh mint and some surprisingly, eye-poppingly good stewed beef.  There's also some grated rashish for zing and crushed peanuts for biteyness. There's just a smigdgeon of spice, it's a restorative soup that got our yayas out on a hot day. Make sure you chomp on the garlic cloves.

Slurp Slurp presents their dishes so purdy, even the soups have a touch of pretty grated radish on top. Full respect to any kitchen who takes the extra twenty seconds to make something instagrammy.

Fresh chili and fish - $14.80. A similar broth to above, clean and subtle, but this time with a hint of chili and Sichuan pepper. There's a generous amount of fresh and the chili's are mild and kinda purdy.

Slurp Slurp Little Copper Pot - $12.80 + tea egg, $2. This soup amps up the chili and Sichuan pepper, it's pretty spicy, a little porky, and very good. The tea eggs are a must - these are similar to Japanese style slow cooked\onsen eggs, but these are possibly the best we've ever had. Wow!

House special sweet pancake - $5.80. A sugary bun served nice and hot, nice sweet stodge, if you like that sort of thing, we have a sugar junkie in our midst.

Unforgettable ghost chicken - $8.80. A cold side-dish of shredded chicken with a bit of Sichuan pepper, chili, fresh onion, grated radish, peanut and shallots.

House pickle seasonal veg - $3.80. These are quick pickled so the veggies have a lovely snappy crunch to them and a nice balance of sweet and vinegary flavours. A must-order for pickle fiends.

Tofu rice noodle salad - $11.80. Clean and light yet filling, there's plenty of noodles below. The chili sauce is mild and adds a nice wee zing.

Fried pork buns - $8.80. Lovely light puffy bready dough, a little sweet witha nicely browned crisped outer. Can't resist a few for laters.

Slurp Slurp is at 57 Rothschild Ave, Rosebery.

Mr Winston J. Pussycat of Enmore says "G'day!" in cat language.

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