19 November 2021

Heshela Newa Khaja Ghar ~ Newari Nepalese - Rockdale

This Heshela Samay Baji Set ($19) has a mix of flavours and textures we have only encountered in the exotic Nepalese region of Rockdale. There are familar flavours of curries, egg and a roti thingy, but also some eye-popping wow moments from the sour pickle flavours, the squished Rice Bubble texture of the baji and the tooth-threatening hard crunch of what we think is called Haku Mushya, Google says they are black soybeans - they are like chomping on barely cooked popcorn kernels. 

Heshela is at 14-18 Tramway Arcade, Rockdale. Right on the corner of the Princes Highway, Sydney's Silk Road. Visit Heshala on the information superhighway at https://restaurant.heshela.com.au/  At the end of this little street is Everest BBQ, also highly recommended, go the grilled skewar plate sets.

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  1. Long time lurker (very long time). Love your posts, great to see you back.


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