23 November 2021

Oyakodon at Momiji Japanese Takeaway, Pittsway Arcade, City

We love ourselves a bit of oyakodon - chicken and egg on rice, with a little onion to sweeten things up. Momiji does it the way we like it, with the egg still a little runny. It's a plain dish but sometimes that's just what the stomach demands, it's a good protein hit to boot. Next hangover we'll return for the miso katsudon - a schnitty coated in sweet gooey miso sauce.

Momiji is in the wonderful Pittsway Arcade underneath Woolies Town Hall. Pittsway is still kicking arse post lockdown. It's busy but not too busy to find a seat,  a great time to visit. See them on Friendface - https://www.facebook.com/sydneymomiji/

This post was brought to you by Miss Hannah Montana J Pussycat of Enmore, a real pat floozy if we ever saw one.

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