18 November 2021

Soft bone pork noodle soup at Kwan Noodle Bar - Sussex Centre, Chinatown ~ Hong Kong style noodles

Sussex Centre appears to have weathered the closures in Chinatown better than other areas (Dixon House, still sad). It is quiet on a Wednesday lunchtime and some stalls are closed until the evening, bonus though is getting a table. At Kwan Noodle Bar it's all go and we are in the mood for a noodle soup.

There's a number of combos available for your soup choice but it's soft bone pork we are after, a cut of meat that gives you melting soft meat off slowly cooked bones that are more like cartilage. The soft nature of the 'bone' means that give a crunch that won't crush that expensive dental work, it gives to some pressure and a happy amount of textural oomph. Our choice of thin egg noodles, a couple of huge hunks of soft-to-the-bite radish, half a bum nut and additional toppings of chopped shallot and chilli make a bigger lunch than we anticipated. The broth is dark with just a touch of star anise in the aroma.

Kwan Noodle Bar is in the Sussex Centre Food Court, show it some love.

We found this image recently from a 1980 large picture book called 'The Excitement City: Sydney'. It shows Dixon Street before it was a pedestrian mall. Signage for Nine Dragons and New Tai Yuen is visible, both still kicking. The architecture in the front of the shot is still there as well, corner of Hay and Dixon Streets.


  1. Definitely going to have to try this one out! I've always been a bit of a stick in the mud in Sussex Centre. That flick of Dixon St is the business as well.

  2. Great to hear Sussex Centre is still going strong(ish). Trying to get into town more and give some old favourites our business. I always thought the mall was the beginning of the end for Dixon St, it lost much of its buzz and authenticity, and became more of a tourist trap, reducing its appeal. Is this just an Asian cultural thing?


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