17 August 2010

Fat Noodle Review & Menu - Star City Casino

We go about as upmarket as this blog gets at Luke Nguyen's Fat Noodle in Sydney's Star City Casino.

We love trying upmarket and oz-modded versions of street foodie classics, and the parents are in town and keen to try some tv chef food, so we waddle down to Star City Casino to feast at Luke Nguyen's Fat Noodle.

Fat Noodle is smack bang in the middle of the Casino gaming floor, some folks may dislike the noisy location but I reckon it's a truckload of fun. Miss Chicken ate here only a week ago and gave it the wings up.

Groovy decor, groovy folks.

Slow Braised Wagyu Brisket & Tendons. $16. A rich beef broth with thick rice noodles. It came with big hunks of slow cooked tender beef. Very tasty, very filling, excellent value.

Grilled Byron Bay Organic Pork Neck Skewars $11. Served on vermicelli noodles, a bit skimpy value-wise but very tasty.

Fragrant Tumeric Chicken Curry $14. Served with Japanese eggplant and jasmine rice. It reminded me of a sweet, mild Malaysian curry. Mum loved it and Miss Chicken had this dish on her visit a week ago, thumbs up all round.

Angus Beef Wok Tossed with Lemongrass, Vermicelli Noodles, Fresh Vietnamese Herbs. $16. Miss Chicken's eyes rolled into the back of her head with delight. This dish was top notch.

Roast Duck with Egg Noodles, Tamarind Plum Sauce and Rich Chicken Broth. $17. We didn't hear a word out of Dad while he chowed down his duck, he loves his noodles and he loved this dish.

Specials Entree - squid with papaya salad. $12. Gorgeous fresh squid and lovely, refreshing salad. Some folks may like more kick in their papaya salad but this one was a nice counter to our stodgey mains.

Overall we enjoyed our dinner immensley. The consensus on the table was that the mains were great value, these dishes were a few dollars more than food court prices but the quality ingredients, service and fun location easily made up for the difference. Next time we'll skip the entrees which were skimpy though tasty. Except for the duck salad which Miss Chicken had on her visit last week, the duck salad lacked a lot of duck and was served on plain old iceberg lettuce, shabby.

We'll be back for sure, we think it's a hoot to have dinner in the middle of the casino and it's imperative that we sample the Hainan chicken rice and congee. Fat Noodle may be great but gee wiz Star City is a drab casino, surely Sydney can do better...

Fat Noodle Menu - Click to Enlarge

Fat Noodle Menu - Click to Enlarge

Groovy street art installation under flyover ramps in Pyrmont.

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  1. i LOVE fat noodle's brisket! it's to die for!

  2. I'm with you chocolatesuze - by the way your hound is so cute!!! - http://www.chocolatesuze.com/images/5374.jpg


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