01 August 2010

A Quick Noodle Soup at Happy Chef ~ King Street Newtown

Introducing the traditional Newtown Happy Chef Chinese hangover cure, only $9 for eternal rehydration...

We get a little carried away on the turps watching the wonderful Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist play Saturday night at Notes in Newtown, then kicked out of the Queens Hotel at closing time, we never learn.

So it's off to Happy Chef on Sunday night for the magical medicinal powers of noodle soup. There's nothing like warm salty stock to replenish body and soul. Miss Chicken opts for wonton noodle soup. $9.

Fish balls and fish cake noodle soup for Mr Shawn. $9.50. I noticed I was more thirsty after drinking the soup than before... Happy Chef does a great noodle soup though we believe WonTon Noodle Inn up the road (next to the Malborough Hotel) has an extra special magic touch.

Happy Chef has cured a generation of hangovers at 266 King Street Newtown. See our other Happy Chef post here.


  1. more thirsty after drinking the soup? sounds like a good dose of msg in the soup!

  2. I LOVE this place, I visit every time I'm in Sydney. :-))


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