30 August 2010

New Taste ~ Chinese - King Street Newtown

Tears turn to joy as Newtown's beloved Wonton Noodle Inn closes, and New Taste opens in it's place.

Yes folks, the much loved Wonton Noodle Inn, that tiny little hole in the wall restaurant next to the Marlborough Hotel is no more. Those folks did one of the best noodle soups in town and they were so dang friendly. We hope they are well.

New owners have moved into the premises and called the place "New Taste". They've given it a lick of paint, installed a 'hanging duck' rack at the front and made a couple of additions to the menu. And that's about it. The venue is still wonderfully ramshackle, however the tv has been removed from the wee back room, we will miss watching Chinese soap operas as we slurp on our noodles.

[UPDATE - We think this joint has changed hands again and it was pretty shabby on our last visit, October 2011, the folks were nice as pie but our noodle soups were yech.]

New Taste is so new they still have price stickers on the teapots. The boss bloke tells us they have just opened today.

Chicken wonton noodle soup $7.50. Fantastically cheap and a great soup too: a nice clean, refreshing broth, gorgeous pork wontons with a bonus prawn inside, lovely noodles.

Chicken Laksa $7.50. A Chinese made laksa is never as good as a Thai or Malaysian made laksa, but it is still tasty and certainly a bargain.

New Taste is at 153 King Street Newtown, ph 9550 1922, open 11am-11pm Monday to Sunday.

On the way to New Taste we visit our pal Barrington in his secret bunny hideout in a front yard in Enmore.

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  1. Looks like a great new cheap eats on the strip. How funny that you showed the rabbit. I've seen him a couple of times when we walk the backstreets to Enmore. Very cute!

  2. Oh no, Barrington's secret bunny hideout is no longer a secret!

  3. mmm rabbit...yummy!

  4. Just keep him away from Shotgun Steve...unless you want a really good meal. Vindaloo rabbit tastes good

  5. I remember going to the Wonton Noodle Inn about 15 years ago, but I rediscovered it 3 years ago, when I had the soup and I was blown away, it was profoundly delicious, the wontons just perfect with crunchy sesame seed surprise, and I have been going at least 4 times a month since then, so I went in again last week, and the first thing I noticed was the duck rack, cool I thought duck goes well with anything, a welcome addition. Ordered the stewed beef from the person I had never seen before, still didn't cotton on that the owner had changed,
    but when I tasted the broth I knew the end or the world had arrived, it missed the glorious depth and flavour and it was way too salty, in fact it was brown which makes me suspect that someone had tossed in some sauce soy without much love or purpose.
    The dumplings were different as well they were somewhat bland with no sesame seeds :(
    and the beef was chewy instead of melting in mouth. It was just terrible, okay well I did eat it and you could consider it perfectly normal chinese food, but that sort of food is already readily available at the Happy Chef just down the road,

    something something about only appreciating something once it's gone

  6. Yes, the Wonton Noodle Inn folks are sorely missed, New Taste is good but the old owners had a magic touch to their soups :-)

  7. What were the old owner's names? I hope they opened at another location.


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