05 August 2010

Bund Restaurant & Karaoke ~ Shanghai Chinese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

We take a random punt on the new Bund Restaurant on Goulburn Street, Chinatown. Good cheap Shanghai Chinese. Karaoke if you want to. We leave happy. [SADLY BUND HAS CLOSED - NOTED FEB 2012]

On the way into town I snap this cool old circa 1950's sign on King Street Newtown: Mocamba Dine Restaurant Suppers.

A bit of googling tells me the Mocambo was once a hep late nite jazz venue, see this page on the Story of Jazz in Sydney by Peter Boothman for more info. Dig this description of the decor: "The surroundings at the Mocambo were unusual to say the least. Proprietor George Akritas had installed a decor that could only be described as Pseudo South-Sea Island. Floor to ceiling columns were installed with fish tanks containing live tropical fish, real seashells were stuck to the walls and an ultra violet light was turned on from time to time."

Ode for a time machine... 

We wander over to the Art Gallery of NSW to see the wonderful Flacco scan the Daily Telegraph for art news and explain the little known connection between rugby league and surrealism. There's great freebies at the art gallery every Wednesday night, walk over to Chinatown afterwards and it's a good night out, culture and exercise...

We walk to Chinatown with no real plan of where to eat. We thought we might walk past Mamak just in case there is no queue (yeah right). On the way we run into a bloke spruiking the new Bund Restaurant & Karaoke on Goulbourn Street. He had some pots of duck soup and steam buns going out the front, a good sign. We took the plunge.

 The decor is modern, dark and relaxed with a touch of Miami Vice at the bar. Soft, comfy low seats in the middle and booths to the side, suprisingly relaxing.

The tea is unusual and tasty.

Spicy Shredded Dry Tofu. $8.50. Firm tofu with chili and chili oil, it has a nice bite. Served cold, a great side. Thumbs up.

Shanghai Smoked Fish in Sweet Sauce $10.50. Also served cold. Crunchy, sweet and delicious. If you have ever been to Indonesia or Malaysia you may have seen those dried up, leathery, scary looking pieces of cooked fish that have been sitting around unrefrigerated in 33 degree heat for twelve hours in a roadside stall. Well this dish had that same kinda look but tasted great, yum.

Sour and Spicy Fresh Cucumber $6. This is Miss Chicken's current favourite dish: cool, refreshing, lightly spiced cucumber, an excellent counter to the sweet, fried fish.

Tong Choy with Spicy Preserved Tofu. Another current favourite: kang kong or water spinach, with the unique, subtle joys of preserved tofu. Dangnabbit, this meal was healthy....

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Bund Restaurant is downstairs in the basement at 27 Goulburn Street, Haymarket. Ph 02 9211 1181. Karaoke rooms out the back...

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