13 November 2010

New Addison Chinese Takeaway ~ Erskineville

Sometimes nothing beats good old fashioned 'Strayan' Chinese takeway.

The sign on the wall says all you need to know: Chinese food. Reasonable Prices.

New Addison Chinese Takeaway is a true low rent beauty. The menu is standard Australian Chinese with a few interesting things thrown in. The original is on Addison Rd in Marrickville, so this one is the 'New' Addison. It's a popular place for a single dish takeaway, a quick fried rice or a stir fry with rice.

The menu has all the standard fixings, as well as a few special dishes. This was our local Chinese when we had a stint in Erskineville and it hasn't changed in nearly ten years. It's not really an eat in kind of place, and the takeaway turnaround time is fast. Tonight we feel like some comfort food and keep away from anything too fried.


Chicken in garlic sauce. Lots of greens, a  sauce with garlicky bits and tender chickens.

Mapo tofu, it's like a big wet sloppy kiss from your favourite auntie. Plenty of pork mince and not too salty. Well fed for $18.

New Addison Chinese Takeaway is at 67 Erskineville Road, Erskineville.

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  1. Is this related to the Addison Rd Chinese Takeaway in Marrickville?

  2. I'm not certain but I have always thought the Erskinville joint must be the sequel :-)

  3. Sloppy goodness. I've wondered what this place was like for the last five years I've considered myself a local. Reminds me of the Good Wok down in SoKi ;)

  4. Might need to try Good Wok next time - at least it's closer!

  5. Miss Chicken - looks like your SoKi thing is catching on!


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