19 November 2010

Famous Salt Chicken at Minh Hai, Chinatown

We return to an old favourite: the legendary Minh Hai on George Street, Chinatown/Haymarket.


Minh Hai is a classic golden oldie on George Street, near the corner of Goulburn Street. Minh Hai does Chinese inspired Vietnamese, or Vietnamese inspired Chinese, depending on your point of view. I was lured in for the first time well over ten years on the promise of "famous" salted chicken, I've been a fan ever since. The plain honest goodness of salted chicken has been a favourite when recovering from ill health, self inflicted and otherwise.

Minh Hai is a casual little eatery. It is very popular: great food at food court prices. We love the tropical resort style drink station\counter in the middle of the restaurant. The auntie just in the right of the picture is gorgeous, so smiley and friendly, and immaculately groomed. She tells us she has been working here for ten years.

Milk egg soda, $3.50. Unusual, I like it.

Salted Chicken and Tomato Fried Rice - $10.50. The salted chicken is divine. It's not just moist, it's wet, bring your floaties. They get the salt level just right every time, not too heavy, not to light. We guess the chook is made by poaching in a salty broth. It is served cold on warm rice. Divinely simple and very popular, I'm sure at least half the restaurant ordered salt chicken. The tomato rice is also very popular, it tastes like plain rice fried with ketchup. I prefer my salted chicken on plain rice, it's cheaper too at $8.50.

Chicken Po Chei Rice - $11.50. At hot pot style dish of rice, chicken, Chinese sausage, onion, spring onion and fried egg.

Our lovely waitress  does the honours for us: breaks the egg and stirs it all up. I liked it. Miss Chicken loved it. It's like a 'baked' fried rice. Plain, simple, homely. Very filling.


Lots of our favourite places have closed lately so we're making sure we revisit the golden oldies.

Fried chicken with rice - $9.50. Chinese style crispy chicken. There a little more colour and depth of flavour in the skin than some joints serve. Served with a splishy splashy sauce of (we think) soy, garlic and a good schlozzle of Chinese rice wine. Awesome.

Minh-Hai is at 615 George Street, Haymarket, one door down from the corner of Goulburn Street. Ph 9281 1875.

Minh Hai Menu - Click To Enlarge.

Minh Hai Menu - Click To Enlarge.

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  1. I'm glad you've told us the chook is cold as I'm always surprised when meals like this come out with cold meat - like that fancy cold soup! It does look yummy though and I like that the hot pot is mixed up for you...I'd get it all over myself if I had to DIY.

  2. MelbaToast, you're always getting food over yourself, maybe you should wear suits made of food so nobody notices. A tahini blouse and ketchup frock should cover most bases.

    I forgot to mention the wait staff here always let you know the chook is cold when you order, they must have copped some grief in their time!

  3. That chicken looks so good. I have walked past that place so many times and haven't really noticed too much about it. Will definitely have to go there soon!

  4. Yes it's an easy place to overlook, most definitely :-)

  5. Chicken Po Chei Rice is what we always have.. I'm usually someone that eats different things to try the different items on a menu.. but we love the dish so much we can't resist. We've been there a number of times now with our son in the pram and the hosts don't bat an eyelid and make room for us. Very accommodating and friendly staff, amazing value for money in the CBD and just darn tasty food and drinks.

  6. If you like salted chicken rice, my wife said the best is at Wei Long Hakka restaurant, 295 Sussex Street. I have tried their other dishes and really good. I wonder if you know about this one restaurant...

    1. I’ll definitely try that, thanks once again Deo, much obliged.


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