15 November 2010

Wokmaster ~ Chinese - Randwick

Wokmaster in Randwick is tops for some eat'n'run Chinese.

Miss Chicken and I find ourselves wandering around Randwick on a Monday night, looking for somewhere suitably old and dodgey to eat. We see Wokmaster on Belmore Road, it looks great, but not shabby enough for our tastes. We laugh at ourselves for our reverse food snobbery, mentally slap ourselves, and walk in.

It looks good: it's packed with hungry Chinese folks; they do their own bbq; and the menu has some interesting choices beyond the usual Aussie chopsuey stuff. Rippa.

Beef & Scrambled Egg with Rice - $9.80. I've always been curious about these 'scrambled egg' dishes I see on Chinese menus now and again. It's like a very plain braised beef with beaten egg thrown in at the very end of cooking. It's simple but filling and comforting, and not oily. I couldn't recommend it to everyone but it makes me happy on a rainy Monday night.

Roasted Pork and Bean Curd Hot Pot $14.50. This is the dish of the evening. Big hunks of tofu and roast pork in a thin light sauce.

The roast pork has a lovely crunchy skin, the tofu negates the pork guilt.

Wokmaster is a great option for a quick eat'n'run. Yum.

Wokmaster is at 73 Belmore Road Randwick, out the front of the Royal Randwick shopping centre. Open 7 days 10.30am-9.30pm. Ph 9398 6888.

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  1. you're right about the quick n run factor. handy, cheap and pretty decent i think :-)

  2. not to bad for randwick area and modern chinese meal in the small area.8of10.


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