14 November 2010

Mc Lucksa ~ Malaysian/Singaporean - Market City Food Court Haymarket/Chinatown [CLOSED]

Mc Lucksa does the best chicken rice I've had in Sydney so far, and a mean har mee to boot. [CLOSED]

It's one of the first stinking hot days of the summer and we're struggling to adjust, though it's nice to be wearing thongs again. We've been slogging it out all morning at book fairs getting stock for our bookshop, it's hard yakka lugging around a hundred odd kilos of books while battling the crowds and the heat. We're stuffed.

We volley lunch ideas until I lob Mc Lucka. Miss Chicken's eyes light up. Mc Lucksa is a great little Malaysian\Singaporean stall in the Market City food court, above Paddy's Markets in Chinatown. The food court is packed and there's a very happy, chatty vibe. I think we're all just happy to be air conditioned.

I used to feed at Mc Lucksa a lot nearly fifteen years ago, after my first trip to Malaysia, it was the only place we could find that did roti canai back then. For some reason Mc Lucksa dropped off our food radars, our faydars or foodars, I don't know why, but it's great to be back.

Hainan Chicken Rice $9. This is the only Chicken Rice I've had in Sydney that took me back to Singapore. It's tender and juicy, all the usual food superlatives apply. This is the best I've had in Sydney, though I'm yet to try the famous Hainan chicken rice at Temasek. Serious food high.

Har Mee - Prawn Noodle Soup. Also excellent $10.80. The broth is rich with a fresh prawn head kick, just the way we like it. Small pieces of pork, slices of boiled egg, slices of fish cake, kangkung, and the most yummy fishy sambal in a little side dish. Miss Chicken votes it her favourite har mee after Singapore Shiok in Eating World.

We can't resist these: pandan pancakes with grated coconut and palm sugar inside. Oh my god. $6.50 for three.

McLucks is at shop F309, Market City Food Court, Level 3 Market City. Open every day 10am - 8pm.

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  1. I'll have to revisit for the chicken rice now that i've had Singapore Shiok which i think is pretty good and one of the best — they debone the thigh. i'm keen to try the har mee too. the har mee at singapore shiok is pretty amazing and one of the best if not the best alongside Malay-Chinese version. although you get lots of pork crackling at shiok and more prawns :-)

  2. I love the crispy pork bits from Singapore Shiok. The sambal on the side at McLucksa was the best I've had - it's in my Har Mee dream team.

  3. Hmmmm sounds good. I have to give this place a try. But since I going home soon...kinda avoiding Singaporean/Malaysian food. Only 14 more sleeps to go and i can tuck into cheap hawker fares!!! And join makan (ie eating) trips with like minded foodies.
    But definitely will keep an eye on this place for when i get back to Sydney next year.

  4. Eve - Oh man I wish I was going to Singapore, so jealous!!!! We'll miss your foodie tips while your gone!

    Simon - you're making me think we have to try Malay-Chinese again, our har mee was so-so but they were five minutes off closing, everybody raves about their har mee and laksa.

  5. No...thank you for your great blog...helped me heaps when I was homesick and seeking decent asian food.
    Do let me know if you want anything from Singapore (provided i can get it pass customs!!)
    I can provide foodie tips for Singapore? hahaha...
    Oh if u are looking for some decent Singaporean instant stuff (like the Jap curry), try the prima chicken rice, rendang, and laksa pastes. They are awesome!!! I use them as base and just add to taste. Quite simple and cheap.

  6. Can you sneak an old Singaporean Auntie through customs? We love them to bits!

  7. unrepentant food whore, i went straight down to market city to try the hainan chicken. it really was delicious and gave me the will to live on a weird rainy day. even the side soup was delicious and strayed well away from the salted water that accompanies your food court fare so often
    the food court at market city still remains the poor cousin of chinatown foodcourts for me. i really never know where to eat when i'm there and generally end up back at dixon house where the eating is easy. now i have at least one option. thanks for the tip. looking forward to more stalking of your future food safaris, THANKS

  8. Same same Hungry Hippo - we normally bypass Market City but I have an inkling there could be more goodies up there. There's a duck congee with our name on it :-)

  9. PS - Hungry Hippo you are so right about food court side soups, glad someone else likes the chook :-)

  10. I have seen that place so many times and didn't think anything of it. How wrong I was! Those pandan pancakes look delicious!

  11. Susan - the pancakes are in a container on the counter. Get some now!

  12. The yummy pancakes are called Kueh (cake) Dadar. One of my all time favourite kuehs. Those look a little too brown. Grandma used to make them fresh and that's the best time to eat them......mmmmmmmmm

    Err...a Singaporean Auntie would never make it past customs!!! She would either be glaring at them or blinking at them as if they were mad. A true story from years ago when an elderly auntie (my friend's granny) came with an ice-cream tub of durians (the really runny and soft ones) and customs opened it and almost threw the tub at her. They kept asking her what it was and she just stared at them blankly...finally they mimed her if it were face cream and she nodded. And they let her pass, out of frustration and desperation to get rid of the smell, with the tub of durians!!!!!True story guys...too funny for me to make it up.

  13. They have moved. They let me know weeks before they did so but i had to travel for work and when I returned, they've gone! Can anyone update did where they go?


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