03 November 2010

Shanghai Fast Food ~ Chinese - Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

Our current fixation is Sydney's Chinatown foodcourts where our food obsessions were born. We plan to blog every stall in every food court, today we hit Dixon House Food Court for a random pick. [SHANGHAI FAST FOOD SADLY CLOSED - 2011]

The Dixon House gates of salvation.

We have a soft spot for the seats and stalls in quiet back corner of Dixon House, we're not the only ones. This spot has that little extra "I'm overseas" vibe to it.

Today the Shanghai Fast Food stall tickles our fancy, it has a dozen or so dishes we've never tried before.

Bamboo in Soya Sauce - $7.80.

Big hunks of bamboo that taste fresh, not tinned or pickled. The bamboo is wonderful: a little woody and a little fruity at the same time, nicely stir fried, still a little crunchy and flavoured with soy. This baby had us whooping with joy.

#60 - Sauteed Shredded Pork with Garlic Shoots $8. We order this dish in honour of Miss Piggy who didn't get her pork'n'beans today, we know how it feels. Well there's no beans but the garlic shoots look the part and tasted even better.

We're suckers for any dish that comes in foil. Shiny things good.

#70 Hot Spicy Beef $8.50. This is insanely good: roasted chilis, fresh chilis, black beans, onions and capsicum. It's quite salty but we think that's the nature of this particular dish. $8.50 for this dish is incredible value, a Chinatown restaurant would charge $18-$25 for this baby. The whole feed only cost us $24.50, including free rice. We had to wait a while but that's always a good sign in the food courts.

Shanghai Fast Food is in the weird back corner at Dixon House Food Court, Corner of Dixon and Little Hay Streets, Haymarket/Chinatown. This food court closes a lot earlier than Eating World, so don't go expecting a late night feed.

Once again I'm lured into Emporer's Garden bakery for a sweety. Hazelnut and chocolate cake - $1.80. Oh yeah. We waddle back home to Newtown in the hope of losing some calories like loose change along the way.

As I waddle into the city Mr Puss E. Cat of Enmore demands a pat. "You, me, carpark, now!" I like his tuxedo.

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  1. I love Mr Puss E. Cat! Glad you guys took it to the carpark though.

    I'm so sad that you've indulged in porky mince goodness whilst I'm still craving! One of these days I'll get my fix!


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