03 March 2011

Bandung Rasa ~ Indonesian - Mascot

We visit Bandung Rasa for some Indonesian street food classics from West Java.

Bandung Rasa lacks the grunge of the Indonesian student cafes of Kingsford, but the food is equally joyous, and you can linger with a bottle of wine if you wish. 'Rasa' is Indo for flavour, and Bandung is the capital of West Java, a bit of googling tells me Bandung is famous for food, regional specialties include nasi timbel and pepes.

Teh Kotak - sweet cold tea - $2.50. It's fun to have a Popper at dinner.

Pepes Jamur - sliced mushroom with herbs and spices wrapped in a banana leaf.

Pepe Jamur exposed. Interesting and subtle flavours, highly recommend to all 'shroom fans.

Nasi Timbel - $12. A great way to sample a number of dishes on one plate: fried chicken, fried tofu, fried tempe, fried dried fish (tastier than it sounds!) and sayur asam soup.

Sayur asam - a tangy soup with a mild chili bite and veggies, very refreshing.

Ayam bakar - grilled chicken marinated chicken - $7. One of my all time favourite Indonesian dishes.

The chicken isn't just moist, it's wet. Delicious.

Ampela Ayam - marinated chicken giblets - $2.50. Alison is the offal aficionado amongst us, but I do like this dish.

Es Campur - $4.50 - pandan flavoured jelly, red beans, jackfruit, grass jelly, palm sugar syrup and condensed milk topped with ice. My nipples explode with delight when the condensed milk mixes with the sweet ice, it reminds me of those old Redskin ice creams, a strawberry ice block with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Do they still make Redskins?

Bandung Rasa Menu - Click to Enlarge...

Bandung Rasa Menu - Click to Enlarge...

Bandung Rasa is at Shop 1/702-710 Botany Road, Mascot. Phone 8338 8028.  Open Wednesday to Sunday 12 noon to 9pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday. BYO.

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  1. Nasi Timbel is a good idea, and the place looks like a good cheapish eat.

  2. They still do make redskins, but it sounds like your nipples couldn't handle any more foodie joy.

  3. Must try: their Ayam Sereh (lemon grass fried chicken, boneless) and Gepuk Balado! Sooo yummy! :-)


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