31 March 2011

Thai Street Food Tour ~ Krabi Town Night Markets - Southern Thailand

We're lucky to find two night markets in one night in Krabi Town, Thailand.

We're lucky to be in Krabi Town on a Saturday night when there's a night market in the town centre with food, clothes and entertainment. It attracts a mainly local crowd but it is very tourist friendly with lots of signage in English.

This lady was making tiny wontons of steamed rice pancake with an innards of peanuts and sugar.

She slices the circle into quarters then deftly flips it together to form a wonton. Delicious.

So much fresh seafood to try - musssels and cockles, live-o.

Not food, it's carved soap, so purdy.

Deep fried crabs with a ready to go som tum salad.

Larb in a bag.

Glorious mud crusted oysters, shucked as you want 'em.

Muslim grilled chicken on a stick, marinated in a lightly spiced tomato flavoured sauce. Delicious.

Fried noodles and salad.

Golden stir fried vermicelli noodles.

Great big squiddie fun.

Pickles, peanuts and fried fish.

Savoury fruit salad, tiny sausages and fried rice.

Add a fried googie and you're done.

This Thai style birani rice pops up a lot, filling and not-so-spicy. Love it.

These eggs were incredible. The yolk was full flavoured, the outside coated in a pork mince. Thai scotch eggs. A pussycat we met in the street later really appreciated some of the pork filling.

Fresh mussels ready to be grilled.

This is all the fixins' for a salad. Just select what you and it's made for you on the spot. I love the sliced pile of lemongrass, and the way it has been artfully put together so the colours complement each other.

Noodles ready to be mixed with pork and eggs.

Brightly coloured sweets, sold by a very bored 10 year old girl. She cleared most of her stock by night's end.

Marinated fish ready for the grill.

Pretty, spotty quail eggs.

Cooked quail eggs, we're hooked on these.

This device makes little ice blocks made from soft drink. The lady filled the device with ice and continually shook it, somehow this froze the liquid. We've seen these a lot around Thailand.


Sweetie construction.

More salad fixings.

Sausages galore.

Tiny fish cakes.

Grilled Thai sausages.

Green mango and guava with spicy sauce. Often eaten with a salty chilli powder as well.

Delicious thai tea flavoured pudding.

We check out the nightly night market down by the river. Once again this has a mixed Thai and tourist punters, lots of signage in English.

Food on sticks = instant party.

One of our biggest regrets of the trip was not trying this grilled, salted fish. We just never had the tummy space.

BBQ \ noodle soup cart.

Hawker lady in action.

Ripe mini mangoes.

One of the vendors who had made our fried mussels earlier had a little pal he seemed to pull out of his pocket, he was so soft.

Tops old auntie and uncle making sweeties.

Shawn fell in love with this dessert: a slice of pumpkin filled with sweet Thai custard. Hoochiemama.

Cooking coconut sweets.

Fried quail eggs, dusted with pepper. Oh my god. Got slightly addicted to these.

Crab and prawn dim sims.

The night market in the Krabi town centre, known as Krabi Walking Street, is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. You'll find it (follow your nose and ears) on Thanon Sukhon in the heart of town. The other night market is down on the Chao Fan pier.


  1. Wow all of this food looks amazing! Is that blue rice underneath the sweetie construction, and if so, what's flavouring it? It's so surreal!

  2. Argh, this is all making my eyes drool and my tummy rumble like thunder...Seriously tasty photos guys, so lush and purdy (loved the surprise furry animal pic-very glad to hear he was not chow). I need to get my arse over to Thailand and do some serious munching!

  3. Shawn got to pat the little possum, he was so cute (the possum, that is).

    Melisa, I'm not sure what makes the rice blue - if it's natural or not. It sure lokos great though!

  4. All those photos are fantastic! I so want to go back to Thailand, but I need to visit different places in Asia.

  5. hey guys great website, all very droolworthy :)

    quick question, where did you stay in krabi? i'm off there at the end of May and looking for a recommendation!


  6. Luke - We stayed at the A.Mansion on Chafa Rd, about 600B inc A/C. There are a ton of places to choose from, a huge backpackers on one corner and smaller places as you might read in Lonely Planet. None are far away from transport or food. Heaps of dorms for 150B too!

  7. I've been to both of these markets and only the mozzies ate more than i did that night.

    Great blog guys!

  8. Whoa, great blog!
    Love the pictures.
    I've been to Thailand 5 times. I've yet to try all these foods.
    I'm drooling.

  9. George, can I pet the rabbit?

  10. wow....i am seriously hungry after see those photos in your blog,haha..
    Im going to Krabi next week, may know is the night market open on weekday? as i check got 2 night markets in krabi town but 1 is open during Fri-Sun but another 2 i not sure, hope u could lend me a hand for this answer, thanks.

  11. I think the night market by the river is on every night but the one in the photos above is only on weekends - the forums on www.lonelyplanet.com would be a great place to make certain :-)

  12. great photos will try the quail eggs for sure,off next week to krabi,Mmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. Night shopping in Thailand is great. Thanks.

  14. Yummi! I'm going to Krabi by the end of January, so this guide to fantastic food is great! I'm looking forward to the food already!

    1. Have a great time. Ww have been dreaming of a return visit to Thailand, perhaps this year. We can't wait.


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