27 March 2011

Sun Ming Coffee Lounge ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Hurstville

Luncheon meat sandwiches, baked spaghetti, noodle soup and lemon tea at Sun Ming Coffee Lounge, Forest Road Hurstville...

It seems like for ever since we ate our way through Hong Kong but our obsession with Hong Kong cafe food continues. We love the curious blend of east and west and the cheerful atmosphere in these joints. Today we give Sun Ming in Hurstville a try.

Hot lemon tea - $3, or free with an afternoon set special. Three slices of lemon in each, super lemon fresh.

We love the Asian take on Western dishes at Hong Kong cafes, such as this luncheon meat and egg sandwich - $4.30. It is super soft white trash bread with the crusts cut off, oh the joy!

The luncheon meat is pan fried and a little crispy on the outside, it reminds me of ham steak. It rests upon a soft bed of omelette. It tasted far better than it should have. A guilty pleasure.

Shredded pork with preserved vegetables - $7.80. It has thick udon-style noodles and a simple broth that gets better and better towards the bottom of the bowl.

Baked spaghetti bolognaise - $9.80. The thought of spag bog in a Chinese restaurant is too much to resist.

The spag bog is super cheesy on top and the sauce tastes nanna made, or perhaps factory made, it is quite sweet and there's not a lot of beef, but that's how it would be done in Hongkers. It ain't art but it's filling, fun and super cheap.

Sun Ming Coffee Lounge & Restaurant is at 173A Forest Road Hurstville. Phone 02 9585 2772. You also may want to try The Good Kitchen, another Hong Kong Cafe joint a couple of doors down.

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  1. I love a Spam sandwich and I know it's expensive stuff but $4.30 is a bit steep isn't it?

  2. It was delivered so quick but cooked so well (for what it was) I was happy to pay $4.30. There's a set deal where you get a drink as well for not much more. I thought it was worth $4.30 just to have the crusts cut off :-)

  3. Oh these pics are making me hungry!! and i spot my favourite HK food - soup noodles with pork and preserved veg!!! Luckily for me, i'm going HK on wednesday and i'm going to order all of what you've had =D

  4. I love this place, so much food and it is so cheap :D

  5. This reminds me of Cafe de Hong Kong in Carlingford, one of my favourite Sydney restaurants.


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