09 March 2011

Kaki Lima ~ Malaysian - Kingsford [CLOSED]

Kaki Lima isn't the capital of Peru when the garbos are on strike, it's one of our all time favourite Malaysian restaurants in Sydney. [KAKI LIMA CAFE IN KINGSFORD HAS CLOSED - BUT KAKI LIMA RESTAURANT IS STILL OPEN AT 3/228-230 ANZAC PARADE  KENSINGTON)

Kaki Lima does street food classics from Malay end of the Malaysian food spectrum, breakfasts are a specialty. It's such a cute little place and the staff are so lovely, often Malay folks who we guess are studying at UNSW. We love visiting for a quiet Sunday morning breakfast after checking out all the junk at the flea market across the road (shuts at midday).

Nasi lemak - $9.50. A Malaysian breakfast classic. Coconut rice with sambal, peanuts with dried anchovy, a googy and the wet dish of choice from the bainmarie, Alison goes with beef rendang.

Teh tarek - $3. Sweet, milky aerated tea, gentle on a hangover tum.

Murtabak - $9.50. Love how it's served with a bowl of dahl on top.

Golden hangover food.

Murtabak innards - beef, egg and onion wrapped in a light pancake.

Kaki Lima Cafe is at Shop 3, 343 Anzac Parade Kingsford. Phone (02) 9662 0588.

See our other Kaki Lima post. Also check out Sinma Laksa House which also does Malaysian\Singaporean breakfast and street food.

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  1. Can't wait to drawl over the next Thai installment, have a great time over there

  2. The murtabak looks great! I didn't realise there was a Malaysian in Kingsford; I thought it was all Indo! LOL

  3. Hey guys! Oooh another place for me to try when i get back to Sydney in July. I am busy eating my fill of hawker fare back home in Singapore. I know i know...stop rubbing it in. =)
    The nasi lemak looks good or at least the sambal looks yum.
    Btw, would you like a copy of End of Char Kway Teow & other hawker mysteries by food blogger Dr Leslie Tay? I could bring a copy back for you guys

  4. Hey Eve - nice to hear from you! Thanks for the tip on the book, we'd love a copy, I can't find a copy online, any tips?

  5. Hey Shawn
    You guys went to Thailand...gorgeous pictures. Yummy looking food...makes me want to just hop on the plan and go there for a weekend of eating. Only a 2hr flight.

    As for the book, I can get a copy for you and mail it to you when I get back to Sydney. =)
    Could see if I can get a signed copy....there is another book called Makansutra...which is published annually....it's the one Anthony Bourdain used to guide him in one of the No Reservations episodes on Singapore. Will get both of them for the 2 of you to tempt you to come to Singapore again! Hahaha

  6. Hi Eve!
    Would love both books, that's really kind. Anything we can give in return?

    We are hoping to be in Singapore early January 2012 so will need it, although you don't have to go far to find too much food there! can't wait for kaya toast and eggs for breakie.

  7. hello all,
    kaki 5 cafe opening hours as follow:
    10am - 3pm Tuesday - Friday
    9am - 3pm Saturday -Sunday.
    Phone is currently out of order...but email still work: kaki5cafe@gmail.com

  8. Hi Alison.
    No problem. Nah...just keep blogging abt street food in Sydney cos when i am there it helps with my homesickness! =)

    Cool...i will be in Sg in Jan 12 as well. Maybe I can be take you guys around...


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