02 March 2011

El Jannah Charcoal Chicken ~ Lebanese - Granville

We join the hoards of charcoal chicken and garlic sauce junkies at El Jannah in Granville.

We visit El Jannah Charcoal Chicken with Missy Piggy. Miss Piggy has been an El Jannah addict for years and is happy to show us the ropes for a taste. El Jannah is packed on Wednesday night, though we find a table quite easily, and the queue to order moves fast.

Whole chicken - $19.50. It comes with bread, pickled veggies and garlic sauce. We're usually not excited by a cooked chook but this is amazing: juicy on the inside with a lightly charcoal blackened crunchy skin.

One dunk of my chook into the garlic sauce and I can see why El Jannah is famous - this is 'wow' food. The garlic flavour is intense,the perfect partner for the chicken.

Lebanese bread - gratis with whole chicken.

Alison's eyes pop out when she sees the pickled turnip and cucumber.

Serving suggestion...

The falafels are gorgeous, crunchy on the outside, light and fluffy in the middle. I can't get enough of the tahini dipping sauce. Alison reckons the falafels at Hajizi's in Arncliffe are better, a tough call, I'd have to sit on the fence with that one.

El Jannah  Take Away Menu - Click to Enlarge

El Jannah Eat In Menu - Click To Enlarge

We're planning to come back soon to try the rolls, the minced lamb one has my name on it. Also a whole chook is only $10 takeway (with no extras), that's cheaper than Woolies folks.

El Jannah is at 4-6 South Street Granville, opposite the train station. Phone (02) 9637 0977.  Open 7 days 10am-11pm.

If lost just follow your nose, you can smell the charcoal goodness a block away. You can even see the smoke it during the day...


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  1. The toum there is definitely one of my favourites, lol it just might be a bit too intense though. I have to brush my teeth at least twice the next day, but it's worth it.

  2. I forgot to mention: don't eat the garlic sauce before a date...

  3. My breath is so bad today that The Boy refused to come near me this morning. I've gargled, cleaned my teeth (twice), chewed gum and eaten two mints. But you know what, the toum was so fantastic I'd eat it again in a heartbeat!

  4. Oh I love toum and pickles! Really want to try this place out.

  5. What you have failed to mention is that the eat in price is double the price of takeaway. My family and I always get 3 take away chickens (hot and fresh) and at $9.95 each you couldn't cook a whole chicken yourself. Take away = awesome value, eat in not so much.

    If you guys are into Lebanese food and are around the Granville area, I would highly highly suggest giving La Shish in Guildford (5 minutes away) a try. The food there has to be the BEST and mot authentic lebanese food in Sydney. I am Israeli, I should know! The food there is MUCH better than Jasmine's and cheaper too. Loving my middle eastern food and food that reminds me of home, I have probably tried most Lebanese places in Sydney and this is by far the best. I highly reccomend the mixed plate (I get extra felafel instead of tabouli) which comes with grilled lamb, grilled chicken, felafel, Kafta, Hummus, Babaganoush, Tabouli, garlic and of course unlimited pickles and breads. The garlic chicken is also great as is the Kibbe!

    Down the road is Samir Abla pastries where the lovely ladies will stuff you with their delicious Baaklava - $20 per kg (a steal)and they always give you about 20% extra anyway, as well as insiting you taste everything in the shop! Amazing!

  6. Oh Lior, you've made my day. Can't wait to get to Guildford and try all of this great food.

    Thanks so much for the excellent advice!

  7. Hi Lior, when you add in the cost of a large pickles (about $4) and a large serve of toum ($4) and the bread, it's not much more to eat in at $20 with everything included than to get a takeaway and a tiny container of garlic sauce which is never enough for even one person! The single chicken price is indeed a bargain - they'll even cut them up for you.

  8. I love El Jannah, however whenever I am there I end up spending more money at the dumpling place just up Railway parade. It is all handmade and you can see the old men folding them in the mornings.

  9. Old men folding dumplings? We're in!

  10. Sydney Best Dim Sim? Yeah, that place is great. They have branches in Chinatown, Campsie and Cabramatta too.

  11. Tried it last night and I agree it is delicious chicken great value good fast service and very clean.

  12. Yeah, judging from the feedback and visitor stats in must be one of the most popular joints in Sydney.

  13. Nothing beats this place, by far the best!


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