21 March 2011

BBQ City ~ Chinese ~ Gouger Street, Adelaide

We're stuffed after a whole weekend in Adelaide eating Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Almost stuffed. We have a light farewell lunch of fried rice and duck congee at BBQ City on Gouger Street.

BBQ City is your standard Hong Kong BBQ joint. It has passed the lunch time Sunday yum cha rush and the place has a nice quietness.

Egg soda is a real treat on a hot Adelaide day.

After so much eating Alison decides on a simple salted fish and preserved vegetable fried rice. It reminds me of one of the best gamer names: 'Todays boiled rice is tomorrows fried rice'.

Shawn has a congee craving that must be satisfied. This one comes with hunks of roasted duck and plenty of skin for flavour. Alison always likes to add just a tad of white pepper to hers.

And no self respecting congee would be seen without fried bread sticks.

BBQ City is at 84 Gouger Street, Adelaide (Chinatown\Central Market area). It has all the BBQ goodness of duck, chicken and pork you could ask for. Phone (08) 8212 8299.

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  1. Egg soda? As in raw egg? Hmm, I'd still give it a go! Love, love congee, great to see you guys are back, more please!

  2. Raw egg indeed! It really gives the drink a fluffy taste. In Cambodia they make the absolute best fruits shakes with egg, I've never had a better one anywhere else.

  3. that egg soda sounds VERY interesting!

  4. Those bread sticks look perfect!

  5. Yeah I agree to all...that bread sticks looks so yummy! This BBQ city restaurant is eccentric.

  6. I've tried Asian food overseas before and when it comes to BBQ meats, I think the Chinese have the right idea with how to get it done just right. It's just a matter of getting the right cut of meat out of storage to enjoy a scrumptious meal!


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