20 March 2011

Kammadhenu ~ Sri Lankan / Malaysian / South Indian - Newtown

We've been chowing down at Kammadhenu for years and always walk away happy, if not amazed. Today we hook into roti canai, aloo parata, and good old Maggi noodles.

Maggi Goreng - $10. Hawkers in Malaysia and Indonesia can turn a humble packet of Maggi noodles into a work of art, and Kammadhenu is now slouch either. Yes folks, these are the very same two minute noodles that got you through college or to the next payday, fried up with prawns, chicken and veggies. This is roadside Malaysia in Newtown, very happy.

Roti Canai - $5 for two pieces with Indian\Sri Lankan curry dipping sauce.

Excellent roti, light and fluffy, right up there with the much loved Mamak in Chinatown.

Aloo Parata Package - $6. A flat bread with a light filling of potato and curry leaves. Served with pickles and veggie curry.

The bread tastes rustic and wholemeal and works well with the pickles and sauce.


Hokkain noodles - $11.90 - thick yellow noodles stir fried in a spicy sauce with meat, prawns and veggies. And googie on top. Spicy and very nice.

Goat biryani - $14.90. Lovely light fluffy spicy rice with a some hunks of curried goat on the bone. Yum.

There's two Kammadhenu's in Newtown, we prefer the one at the City end of King Street, near Vinnies :-) See the full menu at www.kammadhenu.com.au.

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  1. The aloo parata package is making me very hungry right now.

  2. I didn't realise they did Roti ... a lunchtime visit is in order me thinks.

  3. Oh, yum. I need to eat a lot more Indian food from now on.

  4. The roti looks good, especially when it's so much closer to me than Mamak! LOL

  5. The noodles look so good. I love that place.

  6. Have you tried their goat curry? Still on the bone but cooked for days, it's gorgeous. And nicely hot. Sneaks up on you. Perfect with Roti Canai. And while you're waiting order some hoppers (just the plain ones - they come with fabulous spicy coconut).


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