16 September 2013

Buldog Premium Hot Dog Bar ~ Korean/Western - Strathfield [CLOSED]

There's at least a couple of joints in our home turf of Newtown that do hotdogs, but we're not interested, not one bit. Nor does the whole Americana dude food thing raise a collective eyebrow of interest. Yet when a Korean hotdog joint opens in Strathfield we're all over it. We don't know why. [Closed May 2014]

So we trek out to Strathfield on a Sunday night solely for Korean hotdogs, which seem pretty much the same as Western hotdogs, with the odd bit of bulgolgi thrown in. We tried a couple of Premium dogs which we like far more than we planned to. The sausages are nice'n'meaty and the buns are good too. The toppings weren't amazing but pretty good with a touch of that Asian\Western food specialness that we love so much.

Buldog Premium Hot Dog Bar is the only Korean hotdog joint we've ever been to, so we can confidently say it's the best we've tried. We liked it better than the one dog we had at a so-called American joint in Newtown, where for ten bucks we got a Footy Frank in an el-cheapo hotdog bun. Granted it was an extra long Footy Frank, but not a ten bucks long Footy Frank.

We couldn't say that Buldog Premium Hot Dog Bar is worth a special trek across town for, but it you're in Strathfield and feel like some junk food, give Buldog a whirl.

Chili buldog - $7.50. Beef sausage with melted cheese, bulgolgi (beef marinated in Korean spices), with sweet mayo and mustard on top.

Espana tapas - $6.90. Spanish chorizo, mushroom, pan fried garlic, peri peri sauce and mustard.

Chippies! $3.50. There's also wedges with melted cheese for the strong of artery.

Buldog Premium Hot Dog Bar is at 10a The Boulevarde, Strathfield, NSW. It replaces Sydney's best named Korean street food joint: Mr Dduckbocki & Miss Kkochi.

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  1. I thought bulgogi pizza was new, but now there are bulgogi hotdogs as well? There seems to be bulgogi everything doesn't there! Though I ain't complaining - bulgogi is awesome :D

  2. I've walked passed a couple times, but always around closing time. think I need to make my visits to stratty more worth while!

  3. Love your blog ! These Hot-dogs seem to be incredible !
    In Paris we get this : http://www.boujou-le-blog.com/2013/07/knacki-et-hutch_4.html
    Love your blog !

    1. Love your list of street food places in Paris (and your blog), we will be keeping these handy for a planned visit one day.

  4. Argh! Looks like I missed this review just by a little bit? Any idea whether the shop moved to somewhere else in Strathfield or elsewhere in Sydney?

    1. No idea if they moved elsewhere. For other unusual hot doggery try the Columbian hotdogs at Colombia Organik in Haymarket, or at La Paula in Kensington or Fairfield for some other great dog combos. There's a place called Dirty Dog in Newtown we have seen but not tried as well.


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