19 September 2013

Taste Legend ~ Chinese - Ultimo / Broadway

Noodle Noodles Taste Legend in the sunny square off Mountain St is a gem of a Chinese joint in Broadway/Ultimo.

Noodle Noodles moved next door opening under the name Taste Legend. There's still a Noodle Noodles restaurant in the original spot at the time of writing, but it's now a hotpot joint. Complicated? Don't worry, just eat.

The food is just as good at Taste Legend. We go back time and time again for the the pork rib noodle soup - $9.80. We love gnawing the pork off the bone between slurps of those lovely thick chewy handmade noodles. Alison loves chewing the cartilage like a happy hound.  The broth is light and gently meaty, oh so subtly sweetened and freshened with tomato, a nice change to pickled veggies. This is one of our favourite soups in Sydney. It's a big bugger too.


Once a ghost town, the stretch of road along Broadway between UTS and Broadway Shopping Centre has a handful of excellent little eateries catering to UTS, Notre Dame and University of Sydney students, as well as a growing residential and worker population.

While it's not the kind of joint to warrant a special trip across town for, Noodle Noodles is a great option if you're in Broadway and in the mood for handmade noodles. Our favourite dishes here are the stir fried noodles and the pork rib noodle soup. They also do stir fries, dumplings and some very interesting looking stews that we will try on next visit. The best bargains are the lunch specials which are around $7.50 - $10. The serves are big, bring an appetite or a doggy bag.

It's not a fancy joint but it's bright and clean plus there's a few tables outside. Special mention must be given to the super lovely smiley lady who runs the floor at lunch time, she is awesome.

Stewed beef noodle soup - $9.80. A simple thin broth with handmade noodles and blokey chunks of beef.

Duck noodle soup - $9.80. We reckon we got more duck in this noodle soup than last time we had the fifty-buck-orange-duck at Billy Kwongs. The broth is simple, plain and cloudy which is what we're in the mood for. Mr Shawn reckons the salty boiled egg is a masterstroke against the plain soup. Miss Chicken reckoned the egg didn't work. Go figure.

Vegetarian dumplings - $8.80. A bright mix of (we guess) cabbage, shallot, onion, garlic, and probably a little something else. It's fresh, light and lively food. We're becoming big fans of veggie dumplings, the flavours are more complex and subtle than meat dumplings.

Pork Ribs Noodle Soup - $7.80 on the specials board. There's something about the feel of crunching down on the cartilage inside well cooked pork ribs. Cartilage is a great reminder of why we have evolved with great grinding molars in the back of our mouths. The crunch and grind of the soft bone is immensely satisfying in an 'eat every part of the beast' kind of way and for the sheer fun of munching on something you feel you should spit out. The noodles in these dishes are wonderful, soft and raggy edged, lacking in machine made uniformity with thick and thin bits across the length of a strand. They are made on site.

Stir fried handmade noodles with shredded duck - about $9. Mr Shawn's pick so far, frying brings out the best of the handmade noodles.

Stir fried handmade noodles with spicy prawn - about $10. "It smells like travelling" says Alison as the dish is placed in front of us. Excellent handmade noodles with smoky wok flavours and prawns. It's a huge serve, we take half of it home in a doggy bag.

Guang-boa chicken - $9.80. A thin sweet sauce with soy and vinegar flavours and a little bit of chili. The chicken is diced making it easy to eat. It's sweet but a fun lunch.

Fried pumpkin cakes - $5.80. Deep fried discs of pumpkin filled with red bean paste. These are sweet enough for dessert.

Noodle Noodles as at 76 Mountain Street, Ultimo\Broadway. Phone  www.noodlenoodles.com.au. Phone 02 9212 3088. It's inside the courtyard area along with Malacca Straits and Indo Rasa.

One thing we have noticed in this courtyard spot is that Malacca Straits is always packed at lunch time (and deservedly so), we just wish a few folks would get a little adventurous and try Indo Rasa next door, which is so good yet often close to empty.

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  1. Despite the great name, I think the dumplings look most desirable! Love a generous plate of noodles :)

    1. Those veggie dumplings are excellent - have only recently discovered the subtle joys of vegetarian dumplings.


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