26 September 2013

Dish of the Month - Mr September - Lump Rice from Sri Lankan Food Bar, Homebush

Brains permitting, we present a favourite dish each month to highlight the extra special feeds that get buried amongst our pile of posts.

There's a couple of rules for dish of the month. Firstly, we both have to agree on the dish. Secondly it has to be a dish we've had at least twice and some time apart to ensure our taste memories aren't deluding us. This month's pick is Spicy Sri Lankan mixed rice from Sri Lankan Food Bar in Homebush.

Sri Lankan Food Bar is a tiny shop in Homebush that has been churning out the good stuff to Sri Lankan folks for around twenty-four years. It is takeaway only, though on our last visit we noticed a small table and a couple of chairs so you can dine-in if you're super keen.

The lump rice is what we keep coming back for: tempered rice with various spicy goodies on top. Here's one we had on the streets of Colombo, it cost about a $1.20 and was rather insane in the goodness department. That's curry chicken in the bag.

And here's the lamb lump rice from Sri Lankan Food Bar in Homebush. It's also rather insane in the goodness department, with the added goodness of banana chips. The lamb curry reminded us of Sumatran rendang, dry and intensely flavoured. Other bits include a boiled googie egg, curry leaf sambal, katta sambal, fried potato and eggplant. A bargain at $10.

Veggie lump rice is also awesome. Cuts of okra, the most eggplantiest eggplant sambal ever and at least three other veg curries.

Side curry for the veg lump rice. This is a thin soupy tomato curry you can either sip or drizzle over the rice.

Our favourite is the chicken lump rice that we had on an earlier visit.

We're working our way through the sweeties here as swell. This is ravva laddu - balls of super sweet, light, crumbly semolina with peanuts, cardamon, coconut and the odd sultana.

What is also special is that we seem to be able to get our lump rice at any time of the day. At other joints they make a few and run out quick. We think these guys might supply them to other shops around town, just a theory.

Sri Lankan Food Bar is at 42 Burlington Road, Homebush.

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