04 September 2013

Dragon Espresso ~ Hong Kong\Aussie\Spamese - Chinatown

Because we only take you to the finest places...

Dragon Espresso is a tiny coffee bar perched outside the Sussex Street entrance to the Sussex Centre shopping centre in Chinatown. It's a takeaway joint but there's a few seats around the corner, or you can fine dine in the Sussex Centre Food Court upstairs. Spam.

The menu is a mix of Hong Kong cafe and Aussie coffee shop. Notice those Hong Kong classics: iced Horlicks, milk tea, Ovaltine and various dishes with luncheon meat (Spam) in them. Spam.

A toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and a coffee for $6.80. A nice toastie and good coffee. Not bad, but no Spam.

A luncheon meat (Spam) and egg sandwich and a coffee for $6.80. A Spam and egg sambo may not win a hat in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, but this is one humdinger of a breakfast. Especially a hangover breakfast. The eggs are scrambled fresh and light, the slices of Spam are lightly fried and peppery, the white trash Tip Top bread is super soft and fresh. It tastes way better than it should. We give it three Spam hats.

Instant noodles with luncheon meat (Spam) and egg plus a Hong Kong iced milk tea - $8.80 (or $7.80 with a regular coffee). Good old instant noodles with three slices of lightly fried spam and a lovely soft runny googie on top. Spam and instant noodles is the very definition of crap food, but dang it tastes good. Bad food well cooked is good food.

The ice milk tea is good too. We never understood Hong Kong milk tea, which is made by boiling the heck out of English tea so it is super strong and bitter, until a reader told us to try it iced. It's much nicer iced that hot. Thanks for the tip Lucy! Spam.

Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam.

Dragon Espresso is at the entrance of the Sussex Centre, 401-403 Sussex St Haymarket. It's fun an also an excellent bet for breakfast on the run in Chinatown, it's open around 8am to 8pm-ish. Spamity Spam.

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  1. That's actually how I eat my 2 min noodles at home actually. I always add a piece of meat .. fish balls or spam and some veggies, and an egg :P

    Looks yummmy !

  2. Is the Hong Kong cafe a now craze? Including this one there's 5 of them in Chinatown now.

    1. There's two new Hong Kong cafe places that have opened in the north part of Dixon Street Mall, i'm starting to wonder myself if HK Cafe food isn't a new craze...

  3. Haha spam! Eew!
    I miss white trash bread though..

  4. Love the HK style milk tea here but I've always got the hot version... I think I need to try it iced!

  5. I am so glad you guys like the iced version instead =)
    Going to HK in 3 wks and definitely going to be having iced hk milk tea with spam and egg instant noodles!


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