12 August 2010

Yee King Noodles Review with Parental Supervision

Our obsession with Yee King Noodles in Chinatown continues. This time we bring parents...

Parents are in town so we take them to Yee King Noodles in Chinatown. It's not the flashest place but the folks are adventerous and the food here is always dang fine. And there's a fish on the ceiling.

We thought we couldn't go wrong with Yee King's standout dish: Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Shallots $15.80, always a party pleaser. I'm not sure how they cook this but it seems to have been cooked for hours, the pork leaps from the bone.

Dad goes old school with King Prawns in Honey Sauce $18.80. Lovely light batter, super sweet, a guilty pleasure.

Yang Chow Fried Rice $9.80. Mum loves her fried rice.

Miss Chicken is not afraid to eat her namesake: Deep Fried Chicken Pieces with Crispy Chilli. $14.80. The chicken wing pieces are lightly fried and the chillis aren't nearly as antisocial as they look. The dish was very nicely spiced, we tasted five spice and a hint cumin, love the peanuts. The bird bits are full of bones, this isn't first date food.

Cold Cucumber Salad $8.80. This dish is one of our current obsessions, a perfect counter to all the fried stuff. A delicious version of this dish served with a healthy dose of garlic.

Yee King Noodles is at 408 Sussex St, Chinatown, opposite the Sussex Street Food court. Yee King Noodles has one of the most interesting menus in Chinatown, this is one of our faves, currently Mr Shawn's favourite Chinese joint in Sydney.

We have been to Yee King Noodles a few times, see our other blog posts here.

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  1. Wow, your folks are adventurous...the only 'Chinese' restaurants my parents will eat in are the overpriced Westernised ones flanking Dixon Street Mall, and then they complain about how much it costs to eat out hahaha.


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